The process for applying for the Australian Citizenship is quite challenging, but the benefits attached to it are enormous. Becoming a citizen of Australia is really rewarding as the country is prosperous with all the luxuries in all aspects one can ever expect.

There are various rights that can be achieved by becoming an Australian citizen. Some of them can be voting in any of the election may it be federal, state or territory elections. This helps in shaping the country in a better way and for the future of the country.

Being Australian citizen you have an opportunity for fetching a job in the federal government. It can be in the defense or any other public service department. When you have Australian Citizenship you can freely stay rather in simpler words person can enter or exit Australia without an additional visa also the time span of staying outside Australia is not specific it can be as per individual’s plan.

The person holding Australian citizenship is eligible to apply for an Australian passport with which his travel becomes easier.  There are lots of Australian embassies abroad in case of an emergency Australian citizen can seek help also can report the loss of passport.

In the case of a child born overseas to an Australian citizen then the child can be registered and will get all the rights that a normal Australian citizen gets.

There are much more rights and benefits that can be experienced being an Australian citizen.

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