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It’s a good news for the student who wishes to apply for an Australian Student Visa. University of Technology, Sydney has announced that, under the Aspire Scholarship Program, it will be granting scholarships to students applying from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Bangladesh. It meant for students who will be applying for the September 2017 or any intake in 2018, 2019 or 2020. The scholarship will be applicable from the 2nd year onwards & students who to avail the scholarship needs to meet the minimum academic requirement at the time of initial admission. Any student who defers the admission to the next intake of 2020 will not be eligible for the sponsorship. UTS: isINSEARCH will be granting 700 scholarships, each valued at AUD $5000.00 effective from academic year starting from 2017. The country wise scholarship criteria are followed:

Country of Nationality Eligible Programs 2017-2020 Scholarship Requirements (5 marks above the minimum academic requirements)
India DIPLOMA Year 12 ISC/CBSE with academic subjects 65% or Year 12 Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal State Boards 65% or Year 12. Other State Boards 70% (best 4 relevant academic subjects)
Nepal DIPLOMA 70% Higher Secondary Certificate (10+2)
Bangladesh DIPLOMA HSC 2nd Division 58%.
GCE: 2 A level passes at D grade
Sri-Lanka DIPLOMA GCE: 2 A level passes with C grade
FOUNDATION GCE O Levels – 4 passes (academic subjects only) Foundation (extended)
GCE O Levels – 4 passes with B (very good pass) average (academic subjects only) – Foundation (standard)
Pakistan DIPLOMA High School Certificate (1st division) with 65%
FOUNDATION Completion of High School Certificate with minimum 55% (2nd Div)
IB qualification DIPLOMA 23

Every year over 4,000 students from various countries across the globe enrolls with UTS: INSEARCH university preparation. UTS: aINSEARCH is proud about the fact that about 90% of its students achieve the minimum marks required for progressions to the second year. UTS: INSEARCH comprises of highly qualified teachers and student advisers. This is what the students find when they enroll with UTS: INSEARCH.

Applying for an Australian student visa will help you acquire international qualification and prepare you for the global job opportunities. Students on an Australian Student visa, at a later stage, my even apply for a Permanent Resident visa & subsequently the citizenship. In short the Australian Student visa will be a get way for global opportunities. Know more visit our website http://apexeducation.co/ or You can reach us at  8055804150 | 18001024150.

The Government of Canada implemented new rule changes benefiting the faster processing of an application for Permanent Residence in Canada. An internal survey of the Canadian Government has observed that newly arrived Permanent Residents who have siblings in Canada and/or having higher skills in French language tend to settle more quickly in Canada & help in developing it economy. Keeping this factor in mind the new rules have been implemented.

Effective from June 6, 2017 the Government will be awarding additional points for applicants with siblings in Canada. Having family members helps the migrants in quickly settling in a new country. It also helps in reducing the extra financial burden, if any, on the Government if in case the newly landed Permanent Residents are having problems in settling. Any applicants having either brother or sister, as a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada, can claim additional 15 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the Express Entry.

Another major benefit is for applicants having strong language skills in French and/or English. French being the second official language of Canada, it is beneficial for early integration in the Canadian culture & job market. Applicants with proficiency only in the French language and a score of 7 in the Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens test, will be able to claim 15 points. Applicants with French language score of 7 & IELTS score of Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) 5 will be able to claim 30 points in the CRS.

Also, the mandatory requirements for the Job Bank registration for intending Permanent Residents are removed as the Employers in Canada have been given direct access to the profiles of the candidates in the Express Entry Pool. Any employer who finds the profile suitable may offer a Job which will help in expediting the application processing.

People are encouraged to make the most of the new rule changes & plan an early decision of moving to Canada. To know more visit our website apexvisas.com

Any inquiry contact us at enq@apexvisas.com or Call us at  8055 80 4150 | 1800 102 4150

The desire to live in an ideal and peaceful place is common to all. If you love where you live, it will naturally make you much happy and contended in life. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of living in one’s dream-like place. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India states that Denmark is one such country which can fulfill all your desires of a blessed lifestyle. The country has the least crime rate and is well known for its high quality of life.

denmark 2

Denmark is the perfect destination to relish your taste buds with exotic delicacies and get a proper taste of the local culture through food. It specializes in an assortment of exquisite cuisines and is considered as Food lover’s paradise. Copenhagen, the Danish capital is the perfect blend of old and new Europe. It is one of the world’s most lively city and preferred tourist destinations. The country has a rich cultural heritage with a number of world-class museums, exhibits and festivals, historical buildings, monuments and Danish cultural icons like Hans Christian Andersen.  It organizes some of Scandinavia’s biggest food, music, film and fashion festivals.  The unique underwater Maritime Museum in Helsingør was nominated as European Museum of the Year in 2015.The country has a number of ideal holidaying destinations with over 87,00 km of beaches and hundreds of accessible holiday islands. It ranks 21st in GDP (PPP) per capita terms and 10th in terms of nominal GDP. The country is one of the major exporters of items like machinery, instruments, fuels, chemicals, agricultural products, meat and meat products along with fish products. Apex Visas highlights that the policies of education at no cost and lowest housing cost serve as an added advantage for the people migrating to Denmark. The people travelling to Denmark for less than 90 days do not require a visa. You need to apply for a visa if visiting Denmark for more than 90 days. For anyone looking forward to a great holidaying experience in Denmark or thinking to migrate there, Apex Visas ensures you a hassle-free immigration procedure and makes your stay more comfortable and completely worth it.

Express entry is an electronic application management system that aims to facilitate and expedite efficient processing of Canada’s various immigration programs.  Express Entry allows a candidate to apply for immigration through various means. One of those means is Provincial Nomination Program. Under PNP (Provincial Nomination Program), a province can nominate a candidate who is interested in migrating to Canada and settling in a particular province and is a part of the Express Entry Pool. Each province has its own nomination program which helps a great deal in expediting the permanent residency for an applicant.

Apex Visas- Canada Express Entry

Apex Visas- Canada Express Entry

Quite recently, various new provinces have been added to PNP including Saskatchewan. The provinces have their own criteria for picking the applicants. An applicant, if nominated by a province, gets an additional 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System score. Various provinces consider work experience as an important parameter for nominating a candidate, with Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Nova Scotia as exceptions. Saskatchewan accepts 775 applicants without a job offer and Nova Scotia accepts 350 such candidates.  If selected for PR through PNP, the applicant is to live in that particular province.

Apex Visas consultants are experts in the immigration domain and we handle all the overheads concerned with the paper work and guide you towards an immigration option that suits the best to your needs. With our prowess, we will handle all your queries and make your application process smooth.