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It’s a good news for the student who wishes to apply for an Australian Student Visa. University of Technology, Sydney has announced that, under the Aspire Scholarship Program, it will be granting scholarships to students applying from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Bangladesh. It meant for students who will be applying for the September 2017 or any intake in 2018, 2019 or 2020. The scholarship will be applicable from the 2nd year onwards & students who to avail the scholarship needs to meet the minimum academic requirement at the time of initial admission. Any student who defers the admission to the next intake of 2020 will not be eligible for the sponsorship. UTS: isINSEARCH will be granting 700 scholarships, each valued at AUD $5000.00 effective from academic year starting from 2017. The country wise scholarship criteria are followed:

Country of Nationality Eligible Programs 2017-2020 Scholarship Requirements (5 marks above the minimum academic requirements)
India DIPLOMA Year 12 ISC/CBSE with academic subjects 65% or Year 12 Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal State Boards 65% or Year 12. Other State Boards 70% (best 4 relevant academic subjects)
Nepal DIPLOMA 70% Higher Secondary Certificate (10+2)
Bangladesh DIPLOMA HSC 2nd Division 58%.
GCE: 2 A level passes at D grade
Sri-Lanka DIPLOMA GCE: 2 A level passes with C grade
FOUNDATION GCE O Levels – 4 passes (academic subjects only) Foundation (extended)
GCE O Levels – 4 passes with B (very good pass) average (academic subjects only) – Foundation (standard)
Pakistan DIPLOMA High School Certificate (1st division) with 65%
FOUNDATION Completion of High School Certificate with minimum 55% (2nd Div)
IB qualification DIPLOMA 23

Every year over 4,000 students from various countries across the globe enrolls with UTS: INSEARCH university preparation. UTS: aINSEARCH is proud about the fact that about 90% of its students achieve the minimum marks required for progressions to the second year. UTS: INSEARCH comprises of highly qualified teachers and student advisers. This is what the students find when they enroll with UTS: INSEARCH.

Applying for an Australian student visa will help you acquire international qualification and prepare you for the global job opportunities. Students on an Australian Student visa, at a later stage, my even apply for a Permanent Resident visa & subsequently the citizenship. In short the Australian Student visa will be a get way for global opportunities. Know more visit our website http://apexeducation.co/ or You can reach us at  8055804150 | 18001024150.

Think of Australia and the first few imageries that come in our minds are of their fantastic Cricket Team, followed by the Sydney Opera House (which few Indians call the ‘Lotus Temple’ of Australia) and kangaroos. So for years, Australia has been a famous tourist spot. The wildlife, the adventures, Corals, the urban and developed lifestyle and such stuff have created a wonderful image of Australia in our minds. But what if an Indian plans to migrate to this country and intend to settle there? How good is the country then? Well, on those accounts, the country fares beautifully.

Apex visas elaborate the benefits of migrating to Australia

Apex visas elaborate the benefits of migrating to Australia

Apex Visas, also referred to as AV Immigration shares some of those magnanimous benefits with you:

  1. Prosperous Economy: Being the world’s 12th largest economy, Australia offers its citizens and immigrants a high standard of living. The economy is well cushioned and hedged. The GDP per capita in Australia for financial year 2014 was USD43.30, better than The UK’s USD 37.5.
  2. Huge job opportunities: Australia has an acute shortage of skilled workers. This paves in a way for skilled workers from India to migrate to Australia and earn more along with enjoying a sophisticated life. This open economy welcomes people with potential and offers them various benefits.
  3. Lower living cost: Housing is an affordable amenity in Australia. The houses pertain to a high quality and standard of living and are not expensive. So unless you are planning to live in a pent house, Apex Visas would suggest you better not worry about living expenses. The schooling for the kids barely costs anything and the medical facilities are not heavy on the pocket at all. Rather, the government provides various medical benefits and insurance to immigrants.
  4. The ultimate travel destination: Be it the coral reef on the Queensland or the forest safari and Sydney’s Blue Mountains, Australia is a paradise for travelers. So once you immigrate to Australia, you would be able to satiate that penchant for exploring.
  5. Urban clusters: If you want to be in cities that speak of urbanization in their core, then cities like Melbourne and Sydney won’t disappoint you even for once.

Apex Visas hold an expertise in the immigration domain. We handle all the overheads concerned with the paper work and guide you towards an immigration option that suits the best to your needs. With our prowess, we will handle all your queries and make your application process smooth.

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, Eleanor Roosevelt has aptly said as today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality. Apex Visas is the perfect destination for all the visa applicants, who wish to either visit, travel or set up their businesses anywhere abroad in the world. A.V. Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Apex Visas) assists you in procuring Business Immigration Visa to the developed countries like US, Canada & Europe among others.

Our organization strives to be a one stop solution for all your immigration concerns and to facilitate the investor visa aspirants with all the help, right from filling up the application form till the very end of the procedure. It’s broadly a professional yet personalized approach to your form fill-up and submission, interview preparation, getting your visa stamped and providing complete support in organizing things in the new setup abroad.

It is a natural emotion for most people to dream of expanding their business abroad but it is practical to collect complete, detailed information about the rights, duties, norms, culture, rules and regulations of the preferred country. There are certainly tremendous benefits of taking your business places like enhanced business atmosphere, pleasing infrastructure, educated workforce, lower energy & communication cost and access to vibrant markets etc. However, one surely needs to understand the pros and cons of something which is unfamiliar and unpredictable, so as to have a better analysis and have things turn up the desired way.

Our competent team of experienced professionals helps you deal with all such considerations in advance for a smooth management later. With appropriate assistance, you may also look at developing new marketing methodologies to draw in new clients in different countries, which will create new opportunities, concepts and ideas leading to a successful venture. In the light of all these advantages, Investor Visa could actually become the investment of your lifetime.

Tourism, vacation (holiday), visit with friends or relatives, medical treatment, participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations or participation in musical, sports, or similar events or contests(if not being paid for participating) or enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation).

For any person wanting to travel, holiday, visit a place, visit relatives or friends or even write an exam or undergo medical treatment.

Visas are easily granted for applicants who have a genuine intent or have traveled overseas before & have the finances to support themselves in the country they are visiting.

More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the visa interviews are rare.

Visa is granted for three to six months for first time applicants based on the country which they are applying, those who have visited before can apply for 1, 2, 5 or10 years depending on their profile and country.

Only the US requires the applicant to attend a personal interview if he hasn’t traveled before, all other countries ask for a personal interview very rarely. The visa is stamped on the passport or by mail.
Visa requirements vary from country to country and it also depends on your nationality. For some countries & nationals, the tourist visa should be obtained before travelling, while for some it is granted on arrival.

You will get your visa if you prove your intent is genuine, documentation is correct & complete, you have funds & will return before your visa expires.

Choosing Apex Visas, ensures that you have the leader on your side. When you choose us, you increase the probability of getting your visa stamping and making the process as smooth as possible.

Apex Overseas Education is a part of the famous A V Immigration & Career Consultancy for the last 10 years. We specialise in advising and assisting students in pursuing their dreams of Overseas Education. With a pan-India network of offices & a portfolio of above 300 universities in 7 countries and our team of Educational Advisors we ensure your dreams of pursuing higher education abroad.

Apex Overseas Education is a one stop solution for all your overseas education needs. We constantly endeavour to offer you the right advice to choose the best Universities and programme.

We are famous for our expertise in assisting people in migration our major focus being Permanent Residence & Dependent Visa, other than these we also deal with Tourist Visa, FOREX, and Travel Insurance etc. We are well known for providing reliable & timely services in cost effective manner, so that people get success without wasting their precious time or their hard-earned money.

We promise you:

  • No Service Charges for admissions.
  • Quality Services – by our qualified, professional & highly experienced processing team.
  • No Hidden Costs – transparent and economical fees.
  • Transparent and fixed refund policy.


Student visa, which allows its holder to study at an institution of higher learning in the issuing country.Before you apply for this visa, you must have applied for and been accepted to study full-time at a college/university. You must provide evidence of your Enrolment and proof of your financial capacity to undertake the course, at the time that you lodge your application.

This visa generally allows you to stay in the country for the duration of your course. It permits multiple entries. Dependent family members may be given a visa to accompany you and be able to stay the same length of time as you, but they cannot stay once you have left the country.

You and your dependent family members may also get permission to work while you are studying.
Your individual circumstances must demonstrate that you genuinely intend to study and stay in the destination country temporarily.The factors that are considered during assessment of the Visa application include:

  • Your personal circumstances in your home country
  • Your potential circumstances in the destination country
  • The value of the course to your future
  • Your immigration history
  • Any other matter that is relevant to your intention to remain overseas temporarily.

If you are a minor the intentions of your parent, legal guardian or spouse will also be considered.

Financial requirements

You must have enough money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for yourself, your partner and your dependent children for the duration of your study. You must also have enough money to support your partner and dependent children.

Study & Internships

Internship programs are designed to allow foreign college and university students or recent graduates to gain exposure to international culture and to receive hands-on experience in foreign business practices in their chosen occupational field.

Interns must be foreign nationals:

  • Who are currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution; or
  • Who have graduated from such an institution no more than 12/24 months prior to their internship program start date?

Practical Experience: The program bridges the gap between formal education and practical work experience.

This visa is for people from outside, who want to improve their occupational skills through training with an International organization. People may be eligible for this visa if the proposed occupational training is one of the following:

  • Training or practical experience in the workplace required for the person to obtain registration for employment in their occupation
  • A structured workplace training program to enhance the person’s existing skills in an eligible occupation
  • Structured workplace training to enhance the person’s skills and promote capacity building overseas.

Interns cannot generally work in unskilled or casual labor positions, in positions that require or involve childcare or elder care or in any kind of position that involves medical patient care or contact. Nor can interns work in positions that require more than 20 percent clerical or office support work.

This visa allows people to complete workplace-based training on a temporary basis. The training must provide people with additional or enhanced skills in their occupations, tertiary studies or fields of expertise.


To provide quality driven services to clients interested to migrate, travel or visit anywhere in the world. Services that are fast and ensure results, we train and constantly upgrade our expertise to provide the best possible services to our clients. What makes us stand apart is not just our dedicated team of employees; who strive to provide our clients with the best solution to all their concerns & for the simple reason that we treat each of our clients as special. We promise you desired results within the minimum time frame at the most reasonable prices.


The Apex visas vision is to create innovative, quality-driven organization which is reliable & affordable and creates a better, secure career & lifestyle for the people wishing to settle abroad. We promise to be models of excellence and processes.