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Whenever a student enters Australia for perusing his studies there then he can be accompanied by a close family member, who can be his or her spouse, partner children who are not married and are less than 18 years of age this, in other words, can be called as dependent student visa.

There is certain eligibility some criterions to enter Australian as a dependent on a student visa they have to be fulfilled, for the dependent spouse or a partner are that they have to be your spouse as in they have to be married to each other or can even be de facto partner. In the case of de facto partner, you must be residing with your partner for a minimum time span of 12 months and have a genuine relationship. Now when it comes to a dependent child then in that case the child should be unmarried and must be continuing education and his age should be below 18 years.

When you have a plan to make your family member, spouse or child to travel on the basis of a student dependent visa then the members should be declared in your visa application itself. If you fail to do so and once you land in Australia then there are no chances of them applying for student dependent visa hence it is vital to mention the family members in the visa application. If you include your dependents in the original student visa of yours then all the members of your family must be stated on your original form of Student Visa i.e. the 157A.

For dependents that plan to travel after the student’s course has started then there is a set of documents to be provided as follows: –

An original letter from the education provider stating:

The course that you are going to study, the duration of the course and the expected date of completion and to state whether all requirements are fulfilled with regards to your course. Then two forms those are Form 919 and Form 157A, Nomination of student dependents & Application for a student visa respectively. Proof of funds to support the dependents, relationship evidences such a marriage certificate and birth certificate and lastly you need to provide the health insurance of each dependent.

Rights approved under Australian dependent student visa

  1. A dependent partner can study in Australia for any course of 3 months or lesser duration
  2. For a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the dependent partner will be allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.

For a student pursuing a master’s degree or higher, the dependent partner will have complete and unrestricted work rights.

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At the time of writing, the number of international students studying in Canada is over 250,000, a figure that is continuously rising. Many of these students are selecting Canada over other probable destinations, such as the United Kingdom, Australia and France, because of certain benefits that education in Canada can fetch.

Education in Canada is filled with excellence and more reasonable tuition, safe cities, employment choices during and after the study period and as a pathway to Canadian permanent residence, if you are planning to study in Canada then that can be most vital and superlative decisions made by young people from around the globe.

Canada has the world-class universities and colleges, Canadian universities and colleges situated across the country are well-known for their study and invention. The education in Canada has institutions that are assorted — variable in scope, character and extent of programs. Also, that education in Canada is of high academic values and systematic quality controls mean that students may achieve a high-quality education that will help their careers over the long term. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is generally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the Commonwealth countries.

For getting the education in Canada one aspect will surely be an added advantage that is of the lower tuition fees this one of the important reasons for which student’s wishes to go to Canada. Canada is generally the preferred selection for students who may also have the choice of studying in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom; however, Canada is the choice because of the lower tuition costs. Equated to other countries, Canadian international tuition fees, housing and other living expenditures continue to be modest.  

Canada wants students as Canada is all about nation-building. Young & bright newcomers who have proven they have the authorizations and ways to integrate are a big part of that. To be precise, Canada desires students to come study, contribute communally and economically, and reside permanently.

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The fascinating country United Kingdom has always been interesting the students around the world for its high standard of education. Any international student who plans for the further education or a course of study in the United Kingdom, it is very much essential to fetch a visa to reside in the country. Indian students should apply for the United Kingdom Student Visa referring to their span of residing and their age.

There are certain basic requirements for the United Kingdom Student Visa; the UK Border Agency accomplishes all the actions related to immigration and visa applications. All potential applicants have to satisfy the point based system to get a study visa. For acquiring the United Kingdom Student Visa the candidate should acquire 40 points to be qualified for tier 4 visas. To attain this, you must have received a letter of validation or (CAS) Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from the university you have applied for studies. The concerned university should be renowned and recognized by the UK Border Agency. A typical CAS statement should give certain information as follows:-

  • Sponsor license number of your institution.
  • Details of the qualifications based on which the proposal to study the course was made.
  • A 14 digit reference number, which is to be used in the visa application form.
  • Course details such as start date, course title, tuition fees, accommodation fees

Also, in the case of United Kingdom Student Visa, it is vital to delivering information about finance towards your tuition fees and living expenditures.

Every document along with the application must comprise the original document and a photocopy. Also some documents are required at the time of application those are a passport copy, completed and signed visa application of the United Kingdom Student Visa, a passport size photograph, educational mark sheets & transcripts, also in case of CAS states then the proof of your finances and if you have a person sponsoring then you will require obtaining a document that will state the contribution towards your tuition fees, and the other things, proof of consent of being in the country and lastly in case of previous passport the travel history for United Kingdom Student Visa.

While applying for United Kingdom Student Visa all the documents should only be in English, which means in case that your documents are in any other language then, in that case, you will have to get it translated. All the information given in the visa application must be appropriate else it may result in rejection of the application. Also, the applicants should have in mind that they need to provide the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance) number as a proof for scoring under the Tier 4 point based system.

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The peculiar feature of this visa is that it allows you to reside in Australia for the purpose of study full time in a recognized educational institution. The Australian student visa is valid for five years which means that the length of stay can be up to 5 years.

The cost of the Australian student visa is AUD 560; also the processing time of each sub category is different from the other. For the higher education sector, 75% of applications are processed in 23 days, school sector takes around 22 days whereas the post graduate sector applications get processed in 42 days.

To become eligible for the Australian student visa, before application you must have been acknowledged to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia also planned suitable welfare measures for the duration of your intended stay in Australia if you are below 18 years of age.

With limited exclusions, you must be registered in a course of study, that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Just a letter of offer from the education provider will not be acceptable in case you are applying from outside Australia, you must include a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for every intended course of study along with the visa application.

In the case of the English Language Requirements for the Australian Student Visa, you might require providing proof of your English language skills with your visa application. The basic three steps of the application for Australian Student Visa is first to gather documents, applying for the visa and lastly things to do post application  which might include providing additional documents, tracking and managing your application and other things like providing  police certificates, attend an interview, providing biometric as well the passport details etc.


If your Australian Student Visa by any chance happens has an expiry date prior to completion of your graduation then you might be able to apply another visa matching the circumstances such as the visitor visa or so. For same, you will also require providing a letter from your education provider which will be stating the date of your graduation.

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The subclass 190 notifies the skilled nominated work visa which allows living and working with its permanent resident work visa, these visa requirements are skill assessment and the other is to receive nomination by state or territory government.

You and your family can enjoy certain benefits of this skilled nominated work visa such as working and residing permanently, study further and pursue your education, Australia has a state run healthcare programme so enrollment in that is also one of the benefits, people with the skilled nominated work visa can apply for Australian citizenship and can sponsor the relatives who are willing to fetch permanent resident visa. Last but not the least the travel benefit which allows you to travel internationally whenever you feel like by abiding its rules and regulations.

The basic things that are to be followed in the processing of the skilled nominated work visa are to check for the occupation on the skilled occupation lists as people who fall under that list only become eligible for the application, you need to fulfil all the requirements of age, language ability, education, work experience, health, character etc. Post this fulfillment the skill assessment has to be done and after receiving a positive response for the same an expression of interest through Skill Select is filed with the language ability score card.

After the expression of interest is filed through the skill selected for the skilled nominated work visa then you need to wait for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) to give a decision on it which generally takes some time. The time duration can vary case to case as well.

Once you receive an approval and a positive response to the application submitted then you should be all set to get the visa and start your new life in Australia.

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We all have some dreams dwelling in our minds which we sometimes want to bring to reality with the best out of it, there are certain pathways defined for the same and probably if we plan accordingly the execution becomes quite easy. When you have dreamed of settling abroad it can be of Canadian Immigration or any other country you need to start up with choosing the right guidance source who would be able to give end to end guidance which will be covering everything as in right from your first communication showing interest and getting evaluated till you land and in case required then even the post landing services which are also vital for you to know as an aspect of resettling.

This spring season there are showers of the good news for Canadian Immigration, the update of PNP, Express Entry is that the provinces are continuing to welcome the new candidates. These provinces include some of the most desirable places.
The express entry for Canadian Immigration in line with the PNP is giving ample of opportunities to the candidates in the express entry pool for fetching the provincial nomination.

In the case of Canadian Immigration, an applicant gets 600 additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System along with an Invitation to Apply for the permanent residents at a subsequent draw from the pool.

There is a recent update received from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, that the candidates who are willing to take a conclusive decision with regard to achieve their aim of Canadian immigration.

Last year favorably more candidates were invited than its previous year through provincial nomination for Canadian Immigration.

Off late, the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia (BC) each of them have taken significant steps to bring in more immigrants and their families through Express Entry. Moreover, so far this year provinces have appeared to be more interested in welcoming, even more, new applications from candidates in the pool.

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There are lot of benefits of Canadian Citizenship, which a permanent resident cannot enjoy and experience hence after the PR applying for Canadian citizenship should do good in all aspects. People holding Canadian Citizenship have access to jobs that are restricted to the rest, they have the right to vote and can travel on the Canadian passport. The status that after having Canadian Citizenship acquisition is fetched is not easy to lose.

The people with Canadian Citizenship have more jobs i.e. they are eligible for unelected government jobs. When provincial and national elections take place people who have rights to vote. The Canadian Citizens can hold political office and also they can represent the Canadian constituents on issues like taxes, education, and foreign policy.

People who have Canadian passport can travel many countries without a visa as well only for certain approved purposes, whereas the passport of your birth country or home country may not avail the same. Canada does recognize dual citizenship if your home country also does so then you can feel highly privileged for holding two passports. In case your home country does not allow dual citizenship then, in that case, you may evaluate the pros and cons of travel documents issued by both Canada and your home country.

Canadian Citizenship holders can spend as much time as desired outside Canada without any immigration consequences for it. Also as an additional benefit, the Canadian citizenship holders do not lose out on the citizenship very easily.

The permanent resident’s card is valid for 5 years and in that span, they are allowed to take up international travel also that card might serve as a proof for the sake of employment, however, for the Canadian Citizen have no such obligations on travel or any other aspect as well. There is no specific validity for the citizenship certificate as it is indefinitely valid and the citizens of Canada who are willing to travel internationally need to renew their passport every 10 years.

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