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The Government of Canada implemented new rule changes benefiting the faster processing of an application for Permanent Residence in Canada. An internal survey of the Canadian Government has observed that newly arrived Permanent Residents who have siblings in Canada and/or having higher skills in French language tend to settle more quickly in Canada & help in developing it economy. Keeping this factor in mind the new rules have been implemented.

Effective from June 6, 2017 the Government will be awarding additional points for applicants with siblings in Canada. Having family members helps the migrants in quickly settling in a new country. It also helps in reducing the extra financial burden, if any, on the Government if in case the newly landed Permanent Residents are having problems in settling. Any applicants having either brother or sister, as a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada, can claim additional 15 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the Express Entry.

Another major benefit is for applicants having strong language skills in French and/or English. French being the second official language of Canada, it is beneficial for early integration in the Canadian culture & job market. Applicants with proficiency only in the French language and a score of 7 in the Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens test, will be able to claim 15 points. Applicants with French language score of 7 & IELTS score of Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) 5 will be able to claim 30 points in the CRS.

Also, the mandatory requirements for the Job Bank registration for intending Permanent Residents are removed as the Employers in Canada have been given direct access to the profiles of the candidates in the Express Entry Pool. Any employer who finds the profile suitable may offer a Job which will help in expediting the application processing.

People are encouraged to make the most of the new rule changes & plan an early decision of moving to Canada. To know more visit our website apexvisas.com

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Denmark-Immigration-consultants-dubaiSettling abroad is always a very lucrative and beneficial option. It ensures a high standard of life along with a much better and enhanced lifestyle. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights that Denmark is a very worthwhile option when it comes to settling abroad.  The company highlights the basic requirements to be met in order to attain permanent residence permit in Denmark which include that the person must be over the age of 18 and must have resided for at least a period of 6 years in Denmark.

The other requirements include that the person must not have committed certain types of crime and should not have any overdue public debts (unless he has been granted an extension of the repayment of the debt.) Any public benefit should not have been received by the person within the last 3 years under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act or the Integration Act. He is required to accept a Declaration of integration and active citizenship in Danish society. The Danish language test 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) or a Danish language test of an equivalent or higher level should be cleared by the person.  He must have held a regular full-time employment or been self-employed for a period of at least 2 years and 6 months within the last 3 years of his stay in the country. Apex Visas highlights that it is imperative that the person must still be working at the time when the case is being decided by the Danish Immigration Service.

Study-In-UKLooking forward to a great holidaying experience in another country with your family and friends, admist idyllic beauty of the expansive vistas of landscapes, endless sea and limitless sky?  Well, that can happen if you choose the perfect destinations like The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is the land of scenic and idyllic beauty widely known for its high quality of life. It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for the elite and enthusiastic world explorers. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlight that the country has always been one of the most preferred choices for the immigrants especially from Asia and primarily India more.  It is considered the land of great opportunities with high economic growth. With a number of tourist spots, offshore islands, exquisite lakes, wild heaths and moors, pleasant valleys and holiday destinations, the country has something for everyone-couples, singles and families. It has a number of picturesque landscapes and tourist destinations like the Lake District, Views of Kirkstone Pass, the Beautiful Beaches of England and Wales, the Jurassic Coast and the British Channel Islands.

The great cities in UK like London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, York, Bath, Bristol and Brighton have a lot to offer the visitors. It organizes some of the greatest world class festivals and events like Wimbledon Fortnight, The Edinburgh Festivals, the Glastonbury Festival, the Chelsea Flower Show, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Cowes Week international yacht racing and the Grand National – the greatest steeplechase in the world. The country has a number of fascinating places for enthusiastic explorers like the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, Heart of Neolithic Orkney UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall – The Northern Border of the Roman Empire, Jorvik-The Viking City and the Cerne Abbas Giant.


Singapore is one of the world’s most prosperous countries widely known for its high quality of life. The country is the world’s fourth-leading financial centre having one of the busiest ports in the world. It is also one of the most popular countries for tourism and is considered as the land of opportunities.  Singapore has the third-highest per capita income in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. The economy depends heavily on exports and refining imported goods, especially in manufacturing, which constituted 26% of Singapore’s GDP in 2005.

Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India states that Singapore has become one of the most preferred destinations for higher education and study abroad programs. The company highlights that Singapore has a highly developed market- based economy which is one of the freest, most competitive, innovative and business friendly economies.  The country offers indisputable advantages in terms of providing a corruption-free environment, high quality of life, enormous job opportunities, skilled workforce, low tax rates and advanced infrastructure.  A large amount of foreign direct investment is attracted due to these factors and advantages offered by Singapore.  Apex visas highlights the procedure and eligibility to apply for permanent residency in Singapore. The categories of foreigners that are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Singapore include spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/ Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), Aged Parents of a SC, P, Q or S work pass holders and Investors/Entrepreneurs.

hongkong-headline-skyline_7Hong Kong is one of the most corruption free economies widely known for its high quality of life. It is amongst the world’s freest economies and one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The country highly promotes the globalization of trade and services and is an active participant of the international organizations that support such activities. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights the high economic growth of the country and the enormous job opportunities that the country offers. The strong public administration and Hong Kong’s Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has made it one of the most corruption free countries across the world. The financial services, tourism, trading and logistics and professional and producer services are the major industries in Hong Kong.

The taxes levied in Hong Kong are among the lowest in the world and the salaries paid in various sectors tend to be higher than comparable jobs in Singapore, Australia and the UK. The country has a great night-life with a number of restaurants and is considered as shopper’s paradise.  It is rich in heritage and culture having a number of museums, art centers and libraries. Apex visas points out that the cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Hong Kong have a major contribution in job creation as well as the economic growth of the country.  It has great opportunities in the field of Trade finance documentation and Insurance, logistics and trade-supporting services, such as product testing and inspection, Arbitration and mediation.

Immigration-South-AfricaSouth Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations known for its high quality of life. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India states that South Africa offers vast opportunities for employment and has a great economic growth.  The company highlights the terms and conditions for permanent residency in South Africa. The applications for permanent residency in South Africa are considered in terms of Section 26 (Direct Residency Permits) and Section 27 (Residency-on-Other-Grounds Permits) of the Immigration Act 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), and read with Regulation 33 of the Immigration Regulations.  The immigrants who are in a position to make a meaningful contribution to broadening the economic base of South Africa are preferred for Permanent Residency Permits. The applicants are required to submit representation to the Minister of Home Affairs motivating why he or she should be declared not to be a prohibited person or an undesirable person, in order to make application for a permanent residency permit.

Apex visas states that after the approval from the Minister of Home Affairs, the applicant needs to submit an application for either a Direct Residency Permit or a Residency-on-Other-Grounds Permit. In order to apply for a direct residency permit one needs to complete Form BI-947.  In addition to completing and submitting Form BI-947, the applicant must provide various documentations which include a full set of fingerprints, a marriage certificate / Proof of spousal relationship, if applicable, a divorce decree / proof of legal separation, if applicable, proof of custody of a minor, if applicable, a death certificate for a late spouse, if applicable, the consent of parents in the case of minors, proof of judicial adoption of a minor, if applicable ,police clearance certificates for all countries in which you resided for a period of one year or longer since your 18th birthday and a valid temporary residency permit (if already in South Africa) .


denmark-07Did you ever dream to live in a peaceful place where everybody is happy with small things in life? What if we tell you that place exists and you can also visit the same, News Flash: without Visa? Don’t be surprised because that Scandinavian sovereign state lies in Northern Europe, with the name Denmark.
Apex Visas Pune thought to pay special tribute to the country which has the least crime rate across the globe by spreading mindfulness among those who wish to travel abroad for a vacation or further studies.
And you read each line correctly. To visit Denmark, you might not even need a visa, if going for less than 90 days’ stay. You need to apply for a visa if visiting Denmark for more than 90 days.
The capital of the Nation will leave you spellbound with 2 km long artificial island Amager Strandpark, Tivoli Gardens which turns into a fairytale-like world at night and not to forget Walt Disney’s timely visits to the place. The soul-warming climate of the region is something you always ask for, where you can also witness the colourful sight of Nyhavn (New Harbor) which has been depicted on numerous postcards in the city.
If you go to Denmark, language is no barrier as the majority of people prefer English over Danish, which is the official language.
If you are thinking to move to Denmark or spend your leisure over there, Apex Visas can help you with immigration process and make your stay more comfortable.