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Canada enjoys a special place among skilled Indians, who are looking to settle down abroad for work and a better life.  In 2020, Canada has welcomed just 1.84 immigrants which was much lower than its intake due to the curbs imposed on air travel. However, the job scenario is promising for Indian job seekers as it plans to accept 4 lakh, new immigrants, annually under the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan.

Canada Visa

Why Canada is an ideal place for Indian skilled migrants?

Canada treats Indians on par with any other job seeker. An India can directly apply for the coveted PR, if s/he qualifies for a specified program. Once you receive the Canadian PR, you are entitled to live and work in the country. You will also receive access to healthcare, social security benefits and exceptional medical and educational facilities and all other benefits.

We are presenting the 4 easiest ways for Indians to immigrate to Canada and obtain a PR.

1. Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Any jobseeker having a minimum of a year of skilled work experience is eligible for this job category. It is a very competitive and tough process that scans applicants based on points-based scores.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

All 13 thirteen provinces and territories in Canada have their own unique immigration programs, known as PNPs. They cater to employment to suit their demographic and economic needs.

PNPs are one of the most sought-after programs as they are the fastest step to obtain PR.

3. Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)

Under, QSW, which is a unique program exclusively for the Quebec province, skilled workers can apply and they will be selected based on a points system similar to Express Entry.

4. Work Permits / Intra-Company Transfers

Other than all the above programs, Canada allows Indians to apply directly for a work permit. Usually, those who apply under this category need to obtain a work permit in Canada. But, all those who can benefit from intra-company transfers have exceptions to this rule. Moreover, if you are working with a multinational firm with offices in Canada, you have the opportunity to transfer without hassles and paperwork!

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How you can apply for a permanent residency visa in Australia?

Once you make up mind to settle down in Australia, then the first step is to apply for a permanent residency (PR) visa. Each applicant must possess certain criteria for a PR.

How to apply for Australian citizenship?

In reality, you become a true Australian only after getting an Australian citizenship, and the citizenship comes with a lot of benefits as well as responsibilities.

To make yourself eligible for it, you must be over 18 years of age at the time of applying for citizenship. Moreover, you need to meet below mentioned requirements too:

  • Must qualify the citizenship test
  • Need to be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Must be eligible for residence requirement.
  • likely to live, or to continue to live in Australia.
  • Must have good character.

Citizenship test

Once you meet eligibility criteria, you must clear a test called Australian citizenship test. The test covers important topics such as Australia’s history, values, traditions, national symbols, etc. This test is very important as it aims at making you an ideal citizen of the country.

You are eligible for attending this test only if:

  • You must hold a valid Australian PR.
  • Be able to satisfy officials about your identity.
  • Willingness to allow officials to take your photo or arrange one by yourself.

Finding a home

In Australia, you have the luxury of living in the most livable cities of the world, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or some of the scenic locales in the coastal or interior regions. Australian cities have less air pollution and crime rate, and are welcoming in nature due to multi-culturalism.  These factors make Australia, one of the most preferred destinations for job seekers and immigrants from across the world.

Apex Visas is a reputed consulting firm providing complete assistance to the aspiring individuals, who would like to go to Australia under PR visa. We will help you in the entire visa application process to make your visa application successful.

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Germany enjoys an enviable status among job seekers from India due to its reputation as an economic powerhouse. Germany has made rapid strides in research and innovations in the last few decades.

Benefits of migrating to Germany

The perks of migrating to Germany are many. Germany has some of the best cities to live in the entire world. To boost its growing economy, Germany is pro-actively recruiting more and more skilled professionals, and requires 4 lakh immigrants every year. Realizing the importance of migrants, recently the German government has passed the Skilled Immigration Act that encourages skilled workers from non-EU countries to migrate to Germany for work. Germany offers huge employment opportunities for Indian migrants with expertise to get a job. Germany Job Seeker Visa will allow you to enter and stay in Germany as a Skilled Professional.

How to benefit from the Skilled Immigration Act?

Job seekers need to have a valid employment contract/ job offer, and their educational degrees must be recognized by Germany. Federal Employment Agency (BA) does not conduct any kind of priority check, to search if an applicant from either Germany or the EU is already available for the said position.

Employment: An Indian job seeker can apply for a job that meets his/her qualification. Applicants can look for related occupations also. Moreover, qualified job seekers with degrees can also opt for jobs that do not need a degree/diploma in tertiary education. EU Blue Card will be issued only for those positions that match your professional qualifications.

Professionals having vocational qualifications: For any qualified professional with vocational qualifications that are recognized in Germany, they can get a residence permit allowing them the right to work in all professions matching their qualifications.

How to get a permanent settlement permit?

Any qualified immigrant is eligible to get a permanent settlement permit in Germany after 4 years (previously 5 years).

 Why Germany is a dream destination for job seekers?

• Germany has emerged as one of the booming job markets for the IT, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

• Free healthcare & education for residents.

• The country requires skilled workers in key areas.

• Germany offers one of the best perks, and best packages to immigrants.

• Germany offers one of the best packages in the world. 

Canada has always been a dream destination for professionals from all over the world. Canada enjoys a reputation for its immigrant-friendly policies and multiculturalism, and people of foreign origin currently make up 1/5th of its total population.

The Canadian government had always viewed immigrants as essential for sustaining its economic growth. Canada has emerged as an alternative destination for skilled Indian job seekers, especially in areas like Information Technology.

Canada sets higher immigration targets for coming years

Bringing smiles on the face of job seekers, Canada has set a new target new Permanent Residents. This will be one of the biggest steps in welcoming new immigrants into the country.

Canada announced an immigration level plan for 2021-2023. Canada will aim for the highest level of immigration in its history.

In the next three years, Canada will commit to welcoming new permanent residents at the following levels:

  • 2021: 401,000 immigrants
  • 2022: 411,000 immigrants
  • 2023: 421,000 immigrants

Experts are of the view that this year also, India is likely to maintain the status of most-preferred source nation for immigrants.

Canada maintains a high level of immigration to offset the negative economic and financial impact of an aging population and low birth rate.

OntarioThe preferred destination of immigrants

Among Canadian provinces, Ontario still remains the most popular destination of new immigrants, followed by British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.  Ontario has received 45% of newcomers to Canada last year.

Preferred cities

33% of newcomers have settled down in the Greater Toronto Area closely followed by Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Altogether, these four cities have accommodated 62% of newcomers to Canada.

We are here to assist you to achieve your dreams in Canada. Our immigration experts will help you to better understand what you need to do to apply for Canada Visa.

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Canada has been fast turning into the future ‘dream destination’ for tech professionals from all over the globe. A fast-growing hub of innovation, technology and world-class research, employment opportunities for digital talent in Canada is estimated to reach 3 lakh by 2023, says a report by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). It also predicts that the country’s growing digital economy will provide employment to more than two million people by 2023.

What makes Canada an ideal place for job seekers

Canada enjoys some rare characteristics such as favorable immigration policies, growing employment opportunities, a booming economy, multi-culturalism and low crime rate.  Also, there is a huge demand for skilled talent in Canada, especially in the field of technology making it one of the biggest dream destinations for Indian techies.

Currently, some of the most sought-after jobs are for data scientists, full-stack developers, and DevOps engineers among 15 tech jobs in Canada.

Toronto city has been ranked No 3 by CBRE’s Tech Talent Report in 2019, and this speaks volumes about why Canadian cities have become the top favorites of investors and job seekers. Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to go ahead and start nurturing a dream of making Canada your permanent home through Canada PR visa.

6 Innovation growth sectors in Canada

Experts have identified 6 major innovation growth sectors in the country.

They are:

  • Cleantech
  • Clean Resources 
  • Manufacturing with advanced technology
  • Interactive forms of Digital Media
  • Health & Biotechnology 
  • Food-tech & Agri-foods

The most sought-after tech jobs in Canada

1. Developers & Programmers

There is a growing demand especially for full-stack developers having front & back end qualities. Employers are also looking at talents with good knowledge of coding and programming. 

2. IT Project Managers

There are ample opportunities in this category as well, especially for those having knowledge in Agile, PMP and PMI.

3. Quality Assurance Analysts

There will be a good demand for people in this category too.

4. Data Analysts

The market demand for Data analysts will be good in the coming years.

5. IT Business Analyst.

There is a good demand for tech & software analysts.

6. Senior Software Engineer

Employers are looking for experienced Software Engineers and developers.

7. Network Administrators

The responsibility of overseeing an organization’s IT network is carried out by network administrators and there is likely to be a good demand for such positions.

To ensure positive results it is advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly. Get in touch with Apex Visas expert consultants on 805 580 4150/ 1800 102 4150 for a free evaluation or log on to apexvisas.com.


Canada is one of the most beautiful and best countries for Indian immigrants. Canada has very liberal and tremendously systemized “Express Entry System” is proof of their migration program.

What is the Canada PR Visa?

The Canada PR gives permanent resident status to most desiring immigrants. It allows immigrants to work and live in the Canada without any restriction. The potential applicant must apply to the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to get a Canada PR visa. It offers an extensive range of opportunities for working skilled professionals with a luxurious lifestyle.

Permanent Resident Visa

  • Without any restriction, you can live and work forever in Canada
  • Without any additional visa, your family members(Spouse & Kids) also can fly with you
  • Children get free education, as well as spouse, gets right to work for any company in Canada
  • Provide Free Medical Facility to Immigrant Family
  • Just after 5 yrs. stay, eligible to apply for the Canada Citizenship
  • Age under 45 years
  • Educational Certificate (Bachelor’s degree or above)
  • Work experience Certificate (Minimum 2 Years)
  • Proofs of funds
  • Passport and other travel documents (along with copies)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate in English
  • Medical and Police clearance certificate

How to Apply for PR in Canada?

If you are planning to move Canada then you have made a smart choice for both personal and professional life. Immigrate to Canada on Permanent Resident Visa, which is allocated for five years then you can become a Canadian Citizen.

There are two simple and popular ways of attaining the PR status

  • Express Entry program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

What is the Canada PR points System?

On the basis of several factors of Immigration competency to Canada is judged, which include with age, work experience, language proficiency, educational qualification adaptability, etc.. Immigration applicants are sort listed from the rest and allows the most desirable individuals without any preference.

Applicants need to be achieving a minimum score of 67 on average to qualify for the immigration process. The following list will help you to know how many points you can score in each segment of the points system.

  • Language Skills -28 points maximum
  • Education -25 points maximum
  • Experience – 15 points maximum
  • Arranged Employment – 10 points maximum
  • Adaptability – 10 points maximum

The PR point system is the first step to determining your chances of successfully moving to Canada and starting a new life. So it is a suggestion for you to try and score as highly as possible to meet the score point as this will also cut down on the time taken to process your application. Consult with our expert team to learn more about the Canadian PR point calculation.

Why Apex Visas?

Provide details level of information about the process and generate an assessment for the client to let him/her know whether he/she is eligible or not.

  • Step by step discussion with the concerned applicant
  • High success rate to provide PR visa
  • Client always assures that their invested money is going to deliver results.

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Germany is one of the most beautiful countries as well as largest technologically powerful economies all over the world. Due to its strong and powerful pillar in economics market, Country offering free education to its local residents and able to increase the availability of well –paid positions across the markets. It provides an encouraging environment for many youngsters, deserving and skilled professionals. So it is an ideal destination for job hunters. Before u started to reach your ideal destination for your work, you need to do is get a job hunter visa.

Job Seeker Visa:

Job seeker visa allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job. If at the end of the six months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the Germany work permit and you will be allowed to work and live there. Please mark as a point that having a job seeker visa does not allow you to start working immediately in Germany. It only means that you can visit the country and search for  job during your stay.

After completion of 5 years on residence permit, you can apply for Germany Permanent Resident.

In order to acquiring your job seeker visa for Germany, You need to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Eligible for apply
  2. Assemble all the necessary documents.
  3. Fill out an application Form and applying for visa permit.

Eligibility Criteria for applicants

  • Hold a Bachelor of Master’s Degree from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree
  • You must have over 3 years of genuine Experience, Preferably close to 5 years.
  • Show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay during the time you are in Germany.(4.5 Lakhs to 7.5 Lakhs is recommended, Higher the better)
  • Have travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit

If you checked all of the criteria, then gate is open for you to getting your visa.

Documents for Application:

Now you need to prepare your set of documents which will be attached to your application. Please pack the following documents for Germany seeker visa:

  • A valid passport(issued in the past 10 years and valid for at least 12 months after your scheduled return)
  • A copy of your passport’s data page
  • 3 passport pictures based on biometric specifications
  • A intentletter: Basically a cover letter stating why you want to come to German, how you plan to succeed in your job search and your alternative career plans if you cannot find a job.
  • We must be having all Educational certificates from Xth Class, Till Highest Degree (or any other proof of academic qualification from a German or non-German university)and All Certifications, Accolades, Awards as well as All Job Offer letters, Relieving/ Experience / Service letters of all previous employers,
  • Your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany (where you will be staying during your visit)
  • Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your stay in Germany by showing one of the following documents:
    • Verpflichtungserklärung (formal obligation letter)by a sponsor living in Germany
    • Bank account statement, or Blocked bank account.
  • Proof of personal status in your home country, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and others (translated in English)
  • Proof of your health insurance
  • You have to prepare two sets of these documents

All these documents are ensuring that your application is not immediately rejected on grounds of not fulfilling the requirements, so make sure you have all of them and take with you to the application center.

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visa consultant

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Canada Express Entry has become mainstream in recent years because of the high number of immigrants of this country. Canadian Express Entry is a system that oversees permanent resident application under the existing migration programs. It fundamentally chooses skilled workers to Canada under the Federal Economic projects. Applications need to submit online profiles to Express Entry Pool so commonplace governments and Canadian employers across the nation can get to best candidates welcomed by the Federal government to apply for the Canada Permanent Resident.

The Canadian government has likewise streamlined the procedure of migrate to Canada. It has presented the Express Entry framework under which the applicants are qualified according to the point structure of the comprehensive ranking system (CRS). Under this framework, just about 1,200 are available to the candidates. 600 of these focuses are granted if the candidate has an occupation offer or an assignment from a province in Canada (PNP which stands for Provincial Nominee Program). Out of the rest 600, 500 points are granted for the human capital factors of a candidate and for the spouse who together suggest their individual ages, language proficiencies, levels of training and Canadian work experience if present. The rest 100 out of 600 are accessible to those candidates who have the correct expertise transferability combinations of the human capital elements referenced above, for instance, great language- proficiency combined with a work experience in the local nation or Canadian work experience plus work experience in the native country.

It’s additionally essential for candidates who are very nearly finishing their degrees that they do as such before getting their educational credentials assessment (ECA). ECA is vital for candidates who have received their education outside of Canada. It encourages the Canadian government to know the value of education got outside of Canada. It’s critical to get every single post- secondary degree assessed to get the highest number of focuses accessible. The applicants can likewise score additional points in the event that they can get a certificate of recognition from an area for a specific trade qualification. The candidates who have the maximum points available under this Points structure can forward to migration Canada.

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migrate toAus

Australia, the land well known for tranquility and less concrete has frequently been viewed as the primary inclination for excursion and a momentary relaxation remain. Be that as it may, with the expanding improvements and the sky touching skylines, this land is currently romanticized as a fantasy home for many Indian families. In chase for better prospects and a lavish lifestyle, about 5 lakhs Indians record for a visa to Australia every year and endeavor on their luck for a successful Australia immigration.

For Indians, Australia is an ideal place to dwell. When you move to Australia, regardless of whichever state or territory you move, the Australia swarm gives you their best support to make the place comfortable. Surely, they give all help to make you feel the place homely.

Another valid justification for Indians to consider Australia is the Australian government. Alongside its citizens, the administration of Australia makes the place perfect to dwell, with no limitations or constraints. The administration has designed a visa program by which professionals with skills and great caliber can move to the country and appreciate all rights equivalent to that of citizens. This visa program is called Permanent Residency Visa.

After picking up this permanent residency status, the administration makes it considerably simpler and comfortable for professionals by offering long haul remain and work rights, free training for children, free therapeutic and medicinal services for whole family and most importantly, marks PR holders as high priority for best profile jobs.

A Permanent Resident Visa is an official allow issued to qualified candidates to stay, work and settle in Australia with no limitation. On the off chance that you have effectively gotten this visa, there are a lot of advantages you would appreciate as Australian permanent residents.

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