Australian permanent resident is the one who holds the PR and can freely reside in the country. Australia permanent resident can work, study and live just like a citizen can do, however, there is a slight difference.

An Australian permanent resident cannot entry and exit the country as a citizen can, the international travel made by an Australian permanent resident are restricted in terms of some rules to be followed so generally applying for citizenship proves to be quite helpful. This is one of the differences that are quite important.

The Australian government provides certain benefits and series to the citizens as well the Australian Permanent Residents following are few of them.

Social Security, National Health Scheme, Education, Higher Education Loan Programmes (HELP), Migration Sponsorship etc. Australian Permanent Residents can help their relatives for fetching Australia PR by fulfilling certain condition applied for the same. He children of Australian Permanent resident get the citizenship by birth and the benefits that are tied along can be enjoyed.

The stay of Australian Permanent Resident is indefinite and also most of the PR holders become eligible to apply for the Australian citizenship over a period of time.

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