In case your Australian PR (permanent resident) visa is about to expire or it has already expired? Then this is all you have to do.

When you intend an international travel on the permanent residency visa which avails the facility of you traveling in and out for a time span of 5years from the date on which the Australian PR is received, there is a procedure of renewing the PR i.e. the 155 & 157 resident return visa.

The international travel facility says that the in the time period of the 5years you can travel in and out, however, this definitely does not mean that you are eligible to stay in Australia for 5years. As per the law, you can surely stay for an indefinite time period on the Australian PR.As long as this Australian PR is not nearing the expiration then the return or arrival should be before the expiry date.

When you are granted Australian PR than the travel facility is available only for the specified time of 5years. In case you are willing to travel overseas after the expiration of the travel facility granted on the Australian PR, then you require obtaining a Subclass 155 Resident Return Visa (“RRV”) (assuming that you have not obtained Australian citizenship in the meantime).

The RRV is granted either for a time span of 5years or 1 year depending on your particular circumstances. There is also a subclass 157 Return Resident Visa which is valid for 3 months span.

Following are some vital requirements for 155 Visa.

The basic requirement to obtain the RRV is that you should be residing in Australia at least for 2 years out of 5. If this requirement is satisfied then you can get a grant of 5 years RRV.

For acquiring the RRV of 1 year you need be in Australia for minimum 1 day in last 5 years as a holder of the Australian PR. Along with this you also need to show considerable business, cultural or any other ties benefiting Australia.

The 157 Visa which is valid for 3 months has the requirement as follows:-

You need to have a stay of minimum one day in Australia and specifying a strong and valid reason for your last travel. The reason should of the travel which you have to state also be convincing and compelling enough to be acceptable.

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