Canada has been fast turning into the future ‘dream destination’ for tech professionals from all over the globe. A fast-growing hub of innovation, technology and world-class research, employment opportunities for digital talent in Canada is estimated to reach 3 lakh by 2023, says a report by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). It also predicts that the country’s growing digital economy will provide employment to more than two million people by 2023.

What makes Canada an ideal place for job seekers

Canada enjoys some rare characteristics such as favorable immigration policies, growing employment opportunities, a booming economy, multi-culturalism and low crime rate.  Also, there is a huge demand for skilled talent in Canada, especially in the field of technology making it one of the biggest dream destinations for Indian techies.

Currently, some of the most sought-after jobs are for data scientists, full-stack developers, and DevOps engineers among 15 tech jobs in Canada.

Toronto city has been ranked No 3 by CBRE’s Tech Talent Report in 2019, and this speaks volumes about why Canadian cities have become the top favorites of investors and job seekers. Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to go ahead and start nurturing a dream of making Canada your permanent home through Canada PR visa.

6 Innovation growth sectors in Canada

Experts have identified 6 major innovation growth sectors in the country.

They are:

  • Cleantech
  • Clean Resources 
  • Manufacturing with advanced technology
  • Interactive forms of Digital Media
  • Health & Biotechnology 
  • Food-tech & Agri-foods

The most sought-after tech jobs in Canada

1. Developers & Programmers

There is a growing demand especially for full-stack developers having front & back end qualities. Employers are also looking at talents with good knowledge of coding and programming. 

2. IT Project Managers

There are ample opportunities in this category as well, especially for those having knowledge in Agile, PMP and PMI.

3. Quality Assurance Analysts

There will be a good demand for people in this category too.

4. Data Analysts

The market demand for Data analysts will be good in the coming years.

5. IT Business Analyst.

There is a good demand for tech & software analysts.

6. Senior Software Engineer

Employers are looking for experienced Software Engineers and developers.

7. Network Administrators

The responsibility of overseeing an organization’s IT network is carried out by network administrators and there is likely to be a good demand for such positions.

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