Germany enjoys an enviable status among job seekers from India due to its reputation as an economic powerhouse. Germany has made rapid strides in research and innovations in the last few decades.

Benefits of migrating to Germany

The perks of migrating to Germany are many. Germany has some of the best cities to live in the entire world. To boost its growing economy, Germany is pro-actively recruiting more and more skilled professionals, and requires 4 lakh immigrants every year. Realizing the importance of migrants, recently the German government has passed the Skilled Immigration Act that encourages skilled workers from non-EU countries to migrate to Germany for work. Germany offers huge employment opportunities for Indian migrants with expertise to get a job. Germany Job Seeker Visa will allow you to enter and stay in Germany as a Skilled Professional.

How to benefit from the Skilled Immigration Act?

Job seekers need to have a valid employment contract/ job offer, and their educational degrees must be recognized by Germany. Federal Employment Agency (BA) does not conduct any kind of priority check, to search if an applicant from either Germany or the EU is already available for the said position.

Employment: An Indian job seeker can apply for a job that meets his/her qualification. Applicants can look for related occupations also. Moreover, qualified job seekers with degrees can also opt for jobs that do not need a degree/diploma in tertiary education. EU Blue Card will be issued only for those positions that match your professional qualifications.

Professionals having vocational qualifications: For any qualified professional with vocational qualifications that are recognized in Germany, they can get a residence permit allowing them the right to work in all professions matching their qualifications.

How to get a permanent settlement permit?

Any qualified immigrant is eligible to get a permanent settlement permit in Germany after 4 years (previously 5 years).

 Why Germany is a dream destination for job seekers?

• Germany has emerged as one of the booming job markets for the IT, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

• Free healthcare & education for residents.

• The country requires skilled workers in key areas.

• Germany offers one of the best perks, and best packages to immigrants.

• Germany offers one of the best packages in the world.