On 19 June the AACA had received a royal assent along with this simultaneously there was a compulsion letter sent to the minister of IRCC which is inclusive of the reverse provisions of the Citizenship Act that provide citizenship to be withdrawn on the grounds that can be applied to dual nationals, and that citizenship applicants must have the intention to stay in Canada.

Ottawa, there are amendments that are suggested to the Citizenship Regulations No. 2, this is done to make sure that the regulations are in line with the off-late changes made to citizenship act through Bill C-6 an act to change the citizenship act and make resultant amendments to another act which received a royal assent in June 2017.

Changes that are proposed to the Citizenship Regulations No. 2 that are mentioned in brief, in the intent posted in Canada Gazette, Part – 1 for the time span of 15 days comment period are as follows:-

Removal of the references of, withdrawal of citizenship that are delivered to the dual citizen’s convicted of actions against the national interest.   

Revision of the requirement to be physically present in Canada to three out of five years before applying for the citizenship.

Remove the reference that individuals must be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 183 days in four out of six years before applying for citizenship.

 Revision of the range of age from 18-54 for language and knowledge.

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