There are lot of benefits of Canadian Citizenship, which a permanent resident cannot enjoy and experience hence after the PR applying for Canadian citizenship should do good in all aspects. People holding Canadian Citizenship have access to jobs that are restricted to the rest, they have the right to vote and can travel on the Canadian passport. The status that after having Canadian Citizenship acquisition is fetched is not easy to lose.

The people with Canadian Citizenship have more jobs i.e. they are eligible for unelected government jobs. When provincial and national elections take place people who have rights to vote. The Canadian Citizens can hold political office and also they can represent the Canadian constituents on issues like taxes, education, and foreign policy.

People who have Canadian passport can travel many countries without a visa as well only for certain approved purposes, whereas the passport of your birth country or home country may not avail the same. Canada does recognize dual citizenship if your home country also does so then you can feel highly privileged for holding two passports. In case your home country does not allow dual citizenship then, in that case, you may evaluate the pros and cons of travel documents issued by both Canada and your home country.

Canadian Citizenship holders can spend as much time as desired outside Canada without any immigration consequences for it. Also as an additional benefit, the Canadian citizenship holders do not lose out on the citizenship very easily.

The permanent resident’s card is valid for 5 years and in that span, they are allowed to take up international travel also that card might serve as a proof for the sake of employment, however, for the Canadian Citizen have no such obligations on travel or any other aspect as well. There is no specific validity for the citizenship certificate as it is indefinitely valid and the citizens of Canada who are willing to travel internationally need to renew their passport every 10 years.

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