There is a decrease in CRS cut-off threshold for the express entry on 12 July 2017. It is decreased by nine points than the previous draw which took place on 28 June. Since amendments are made this is the second draw in which changes are made. This was explained by CIC news a couple of weeks ago. Applicants with 440 or more points were in the express entry pool were invited for permanent residence in 12 July draw. The total of number of invitations was 3,202.

As per the news, the actual expectation was a hike in the CRS threshold, however, on a temporary basis it was a surprise of the cut-down. The reason being was to let some candidates in the pool especially the ones who have French ability or the candidates with siblings residing in Canada, received a boost last month. They have been a strong influence of the last month threshold increase which took place before 28 June draw.

There was a slightly lesser invitation than the previous time; the threshold has not decreased to the as low as that of 413 or even beyond. The applicants who are still remaining in the pool should be relieved that the threshold has indeed decreased at this time. The driver to the Canada destination can be said as the Express Entry.  

Following are some examples of hypothetical situations for permanent residence:-

An unmarried professional is 29 years old single candidate with advanced English ability. He has completed three years of skilled work abroad and has never worked or studied in Canada. His highest level of education is his Bachelor’s degree. His CRS score of 441 was enough for him to obtain an ITA in the July 12 draw.

An applicant, of 31 years old, has adequate intermediate language ability in English. She has a Master’s Degree and three years of work experience, both obtained outside Canada, but she has also completed a year of work in Canada. This gives her 442 CRS points.

There is no guessing on how low this can go but surely we can say that the CRS threshold has begun to drop down again after the recent changes. To make the best of Canada’s economic immigration policy is to keep creating profile under and be active enough, as the provinces offer innovative and new ways to obtain nomination also looking at the history the Express Entry remains unpredictable.

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