If you are willing or having a thought on migrating then Canada should do the justice to it. Recently a study had been conducted by the US & it was found that Canada ranks second in the list of best countries in the world. Outside Europe as well as in the worldwide countries Canada has been ranked top most for living as an immigrant. There are countries like US having mixed economies as Canada has, however US and other such countries are being an overall worse wager for immigrants.

Canada shares a similar climate with Norway & Finland, even though this being the case Canada is being ranked higher than these countries. This study data was designed with help of Deidre McPhillips. When he was interviewed for the same he had an opinion and said that, their mere intention was to capture the economic aspects of immigration and impact this could have on a country’s perceived standing in the world.

The developed countries were adjured to concentrate and work upon, to blend the immigrants for some common benefits of the origin countries as well the host. This urge came post the OEDC report was published in June.

 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Secretary-General Angel Gurría, stated that, “All our evidence points to the fact that migration, if well managed, brings benefits to host countries as well as to the migrants themselves,” “We should look at this mega trend in terms of the opportunities it brings, in terms of skills, diversity and economic potential, rather than as a threat to our economies and communities.”

Every country keenly observes its integration policies similarly for immigration rankings, World Report and the US News share migrants in a country’s population, also the monetary component that were possibly sent abroad by migrants in each country and United Nations rankings of integration policies in different countries, among other constituents. Canada was given highly ranked not only for its healthy economy but also integration measures for immigrants, such as language training.

Education being one of the most important elements, the report notes that primary as well as secondary education is free and mandatory in Canada. Its decentralised federation allows provinces to provide formation and structure to the education system at more localised level for best results.

Canada stands at the top most position when it was assessed under education factor. Students in Canada score above average on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Program for International Student Assessment.

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