Starting from 1st July 2017 nationals from India, China & UAE will be able to apply for priority consideration service. This is only applicable to applicants who are applying for tourist or business visas. Request for such fast-track service can be made from the country of passport holder and only at the time of application with additional charge of 1000 AUD along with the regular visa application charges.

This service is provided exclusively to a specific visitor visa (Subclass 600) applicants. The stated fast track service is availed to the eligible passport holders from India, China and United Arab Emirates for visitor or business visa under Subclass 600.

Visitors can fill the complete Form 1472 in the case of an offline application and put up the request for getting a priority consideration. The additional charge which has to be paid off 1000 AUD must be provided to the department through service delivery partner (SDP) at the time of application itself.

This service response should be received within 48 hours which means two working days excluding the weekend as well as any other public holiday which is observed by the department. They will aim to finalize on the request and get back on it with an answer in the stated time frame. In the case of fetching information on non-business days of the local embassy, you can refer to their particular websites. 

Though the fast track service is availed there are some conditions to it which state that, there is no guarantee of getting an approval from the department for the fast track service also the additional charge of 1000AUD is not refundable. In the case of any additional medical or character document requested should be availed by the applicant. Also for such cases, the confirmation time of 48 hours differs.

In the case of online applications, the additional information asked should be provided through Immigration Account as sending it over an email can cause delay in the process. To fetch a visitor visa every applicant has to meet the requirements mentioned in the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994.

Last but not the least pick is that the applicants should wait until they are notified by the department of an approval of their request and then make further plans such as booking flight tickets or accommodation arrangements.

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