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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has reopened for the International Skilled Worker – Express Entry sub-category with an expanded list of 43 in-demand occupations. This sub-category is associated with Canada’s Express Entry immigration assortment structure.

The candidates who are eligible with appropriate work experience in the Express Entry Pool may be able to submit the application for provincial nomination under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme, as a result 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) additional points that will be granted along with an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for issuing permanent residence at the time of subsequent draw from the upcoming pool.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP) serves on the priority basis which means that it functions on first-come, the first-serve basis also, in this case, there is no requirement of any job offer as well for the application purpose. As per the update, almost up to 600 new applications will be acknowledged during this intake span. 

Out of the total 43 occupations in demand on the off late updated list, for 20 of those occupations do not require any particular professional licensure. The remaining of 23 occupations do need some specific professional licensure, however, the prior occupation list included 17 occupations hence some of the applicants who were not previously eligible for application to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme may be eligible for the same now.

The Minimum Eligibility Requirements for becoming eligible for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme’s, (SINP)under the International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category, the applicant must have following criteria fulfilled:-

  • Candidate must have an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • The candidate must score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the  Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP), point assessment
  • Provide language ability test results from a chosen testing agency that match the language level acknowledged in the Express Entry profile.
  • The candidate must have completed minimum a year of post-secondary training or education which is equivalent to the Canadian education system and which will be resulting in a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • The candidate must have a minimum level of work experience those are related to their field of education in a highly skilled occupation (NOC 0, A, or B) that is considered to be in-demand in Saskatchewan.
  • Applicant must have at least one of the aspects in the field of education or training occupation which is one year of work experience in past 10 years in skilled profession or two years of work experience in skilled trade in past 5 years or 1 year of work experience in Canada in past 3 years which can be in trades and non-trades. Or have sufficient funds and plan for settlement or lastly the proof of being eligible for Saskatchewan licensure if their profession is structured in Saskatchewan and requires a mandate certification.


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Immigration to Canada has a new face, total of 3624 aspirants have been issued the (ITA) i.e. the invitation to Apply in the very first express entry draw that took place on August 2017. The most recent draw, which took place on August 2, observed the minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score condition of 441, as an outcome the candidates in the Express Entry pool who have the score of 441 or above at the time of the draw are now in a position to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

For becoming a Canadian permanent resident and in order to be in a position to obtain an ITA in an Express Entry draw, individuals are at priority essential to meet the eligibility conditions of one of the three immigration programs that are managed through the Express Entry system which are the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) or Federal Skilled Trades Class (FTSC).

In the case of becoming Canadian permanent resident and upon entering the pool, candidates are allocated a CRS score based on aspects including, education, civil status information, language ability, work experience, and other criteria. This score defines their ranking in the pool. During episodic draws, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issue ITAs to the highest-ranking candidates. Those candidates who receive an ITA may submit an application for Canadian permanent resident status. Family members who are willing to take along their spouse and dependent children can do so which means they can accompany the principal applicant. IRCC has an aim to process the application within six months however the applications have to be complete submitted ones for acquisition of the Canadian permanent resident.

The CRS cut off that took place on 12th July 2017 was just one point lower than the current draw. Also, it may be taken a note that the time span of three weeks between these draws was longer than on numerous prior occasions, that allowed more candidates to enter the pool and give the currently existing applicants a longer than the usual opportunity to increase their total points. This might have been the reason that created an upward pressure on the cut-off. Generally, when the gaps between the draws happen to be lesser, as observed in the past, it is probable that the cut-off will decrease and will become an add-on point for people who are willing to become Canadian permanent resident.

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We all have some dreams dwelling in our minds which we sometimes want to bring to reality with the best out of it, there are certain pathways defined for the same and probably if we plan accordingly the execution becomes quite easy. When you have dreamed of settling abroad it can be of Canadian Immigration or any other country you need to start up with choosing the right guidance source who would be able to give end to end guidance which will be covering everything as in right from your first communication showing interest and getting evaluated till you land and in case required then even the post landing services which are also vital for you to know as an aspect of resettling.

This spring season there are showers of the good news for Canadian Immigration, the update of PNP, Express Entry is that the provinces are continuing to welcome the new candidates. These provinces include some of the most desirable places.
The express entry for Canadian Immigration in line with the PNP is giving ample of opportunities to the candidates in the express entry pool for fetching the provincial nomination.

In the case of Canadian Immigration, an applicant gets 600 additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System along with an Invitation to Apply for the permanent residents at a subsequent draw from the pool.

There is a recent update received from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, that the candidates who are willing to take a conclusive decision with regard to achieve their aim of Canadian immigration.

Last year favorably more candidates were invited than its previous year through provincial nomination for Canadian Immigration.

Off late, the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia (BC) each of them have taken significant steps to bring in more immigrants and their families through Express Entry. Moreover, so far this year provinces have appeared to be more interested in welcoming, even more, new applications from candidates in the pool.

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There are lot of benefits of Canadian Citizenship, which a permanent resident cannot enjoy and experience hence after the PR applying for Canadian citizenship should do good in all aspects. People holding Canadian Citizenship have access to jobs that are restricted to the rest, they have the right to vote and can travel on the Canadian passport. The status that after having Canadian Citizenship acquisition is fetched is not easy to lose.

The people with Canadian Citizenship have more jobs i.e. they are eligible for unelected government jobs. When provincial and national elections take place people who have rights to vote. The Canadian Citizens can hold political office and also they can represent the Canadian constituents on issues like taxes, education, and foreign policy.

People who have Canadian passport can travel many countries without a visa as well only for certain approved purposes, whereas the passport of your birth country or home country may not avail the same. Canada does recognize dual citizenship if your home country also does so then you can feel highly privileged for holding two passports. In case your home country does not allow dual citizenship then, in that case, you may evaluate the pros and cons of travel documents issued by both Canada and your home country.

Canadian Citizenship holders can spend as much time as desired outside Canada without any immigration consequences for it. Also as an additional benefit, the Canadian citizenship holders do not lose out on the citizenship very easily.

The permanent resident’s card is valid for 5 years and in that span, they are allowed to take up international travel also that card might serve as a proof for the sake of employment, however, for the Canadian Citizen have no such obligations on travel or any other aspect as well. There is no specific validity for the citizenship certificate as it is indefinitely valid and the citizens of Canada who are willing to travel internationally need to renew their passport every 10 years.

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On 19 June the AACA had received a royal assent along with this simultaneously there was a compulsion letter sent to the minister of IRCC which is inclusive of the reverse provisions of the Citizenship Act that provide citizenship to be withdrawn on the grounds that can be applied to dual nationals, and that citizenship applicants must have the intention to stay in Canada.

Ottawa, there are amendments that are suggested to the Citizenship Regulations No. 2, this is done to make sure that the regulations are in line with the off-late changes made to citizenship act through Bill C-6 an act to change the citizenship act and make resultant amendments to another act which received a royal assent in June 2017.

Changes that are proposed to the Citizenship Regulations No. 2 that are mentioned in brief, in the intent posted in Canada Gazette, Part – 1 for the time span of 15 days comment period are as follows:-

Removal of the references of, withdrawal of citizenship that are delivered to the dual citizen’s convicted of actions against the national interest.   

Revision of the requirement to be physically present in Canada to three out of five years before applying for the citizenship.

Remove the reference that individuals must be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 183 days in four out of six years before applying for citizenship.

 Revision of the range of age from 18-54 for language and knowledge.

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Canada has a growing economy; in this kind of a scenario, skilled workers are welcomed as they will be adding on to the growing economy. This is one of the important aims of the Canadian immigration. The skilled workers who settle in Canada are added benefit to strengthen its workforce also especially of great value for the economy.

Skilled workers who settle in Canada by getting the permanent resident (PR) are eligible to take along their dependents i.e. their family along with him/her. There are several options for the skilled workers to immigrate to Canada through various Immigration programs, for example, one of those programs can be Canada‘s Federal Skilled Worker Class. We do encourage to get the best of guidance through us and fulfilling your dream of settling abroad.

Federal Skilled Worker: This program is designed especially for certain work experience people who are willing to stay in any province or territory which is outside of the province of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker: Candidates who plan to immigrate to the province of Quebec may be eligible to submit an application through this program.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):  There is skilled workers program for most of the provinces independently for those who are willing to settle or reside in a particular territory or province. These programs are fast-track processes due to which the skilled workers or the applicants can immigrate quickly.

Lot of employers from Canada are hunting for skilled workers who can join them as early as possible. In case you fetch a job offer from a Canadian employer then in that case you may apply for the fast-track Canadian immigration processing.

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Starting from 1st July 2017 nationals from India, China & UAE will be able to apply for priority consideration service. This is only applicable to applicants who are applying for tourist or business visas. Request for such fast-track service can be made from the country of passport holder and only at the time of application with additional charge of 1000 AUD along with the regular visa application charges.

This service is provided exclusively to a specific visitor visa (Subclass 600) applicants. The stated fast track service is availed to the eligible passport holders from India, China and United Arab Emirates for visitor or business visa under Subclass 600.

Visitors can fill the complete Form 1472 in the case of an offline application and put up the request for getting a priority consideration. The additional charge which has to be paid off 1000 AUD must be provided to the department through service delivery partner (SDP) at the time of application itself.

This service response should be received within 48 hours which means two working days excluding the weekend as well as any other public holiday which is observed by the department. They will aim to finalize on the request and get back on it with an answer in the stated time frame. In the case of fetching information on non-business days of the local embassy, you can refer to their particular websites. 

Though the fast track service is availed there are some conditions to it which state that, there is no guarantee of getting an approval from the department for the fast track service also the additional charge of 1000AUD is not refundable. In the case of any additional medical or character document requested should be availed by the applicant. Also for such cases, the confirmation time of 48 hours differs.

In the case of online applications, the additional information asked should be provided through Immigration Account as sending it over an email can cause delay in the process. To fetch a visitor visa every applicant has to meet the requirements mentioned in the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994.

Last but not the least pick is that the applicants should wait until they are notified by the department of an approval of their request and then make further plans such as booking flight tickets or accommodation arrangements.

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