Australia is undoubtedly an amazing destination to stay and reside for a lifetime with all its beauty and fascinating things around. Australia has the 13th largest economy, it ranks high for its fine quality of life which has benefits of all major aspects such as health, education, freedom, civil liberties and political rights. The entire population of Australian culture is well urbanized and is majorly concentrated on the eastern seaboard.

Australian culture is completely western one which was primarily derived from Britain. The culture of Australia does have some influence of its antique geography as well. Since the British settlement, the Australian Culture has split crucially. Australian Culture respects the dignity and freedom of every individual, it gives freedom of religion, there is equality maintained of men and women hence mutual respect is given to both.

There is an Australian Values statement that all applicants above the age of 18years have to sign, this applies to all categories of visas the material for the same is made available by the Australian government in the Life in Australia book. Aborigines are Australia’s native people. Recent government statistics counted approximately 2% of Australia’s total population.  The Australian Aborigines had migrated at least 30,000 years ago from somewhere in Asia.

Some of the Australian culture and values respect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion and worldly government, support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law, equality under the law, equality of men and women.

The values mentioned above are not exclusive in Australia however they are there in its history and have been followed since then. So overall the immigration dream seems more exciting knowing the culture and values practiced in Australia.

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