There is a new development of publishing the processing time of the for Global Visa and Citizenship applicants for the public view for the first time, this development is made for the applicants to get maximum and the needful information. This service will be giving client more transparency in terms of their visa application along with the processing time that will be taken for it.

This information is supposed to be published on monthly basis and it will be updated accordingly to understand the load of cases they have in the bucket and knowing the volume of applications coming in, however some of the visa subclass will not be updated due to reasons such as non-acceptance or may be the new applications that are queued.

As per governments suggestion, the applications lodged must be complete if they wish to make their application fall within the stated standard specified time.  Though this new system is into place the time can vary as the cases are individually assessed so the time may be depending on the actual time stated on the DIBP site.

Circumstances on which the time specified can be as stated are as follows

Complete application with all the supporting documents,  prompt response for additional information, time taken to perform required checks, time taken to receive additional information especially if it is related to health, national security or character. The peak periods will also have an effect on it. Lastly the number of places available in the migration programme at that particular time.

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