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2016 has come as a relief for the aspirants looking to immigrate to Canada as John McCallum, the Canadian Minister of Immigration has promised to “substantially increase” the number of new immigrants to Canada.

Mr McCallum plans to fill the shortages in the labour market by increasing the intake of immigrants by simplifying the immigration system and doing away of the barriers that tend to hinder the process. The ministry of immigration will launch a three year immigration plan to ensure that the Canadian government welcomes immigrants who will fulfil the demand of skilled workers.

In an earlier notification from the ministry they had shared that Canada for the very first time will be issuing 300,000 new permanent residents visas this year. Though the score has been constant around 450 and slightly higher the new reforms to be introduced will positively affect the number of ITA’s being released.

Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to pursue Canadian permanent residence to fulfil all aspirations and dreams. Though the process is simple, it is advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly.

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Working in another country, besides yours, is any individual’s dream, where more job opportunities and better lifestyle contribute towards enhancing a personality. Other countries are always a huge opportunity for India and its citizens as the latter has a huge man base but not appropriate jobs as per the calibre of individuals. Reservations and recommendation/reference by others also result in the imbalance of employment and employees.

Hence, people start to shift abroad, where job opportunities, lifestyle and judiciary system, everything is far better than their own Nation. One of those charismatic countries is New Zealand, which is a perfect place to earn one’s bread and live the whole life peacefully, and minimum crime rate with least exposure to natural disasters add some cherries on the top.

Pune-based immigration expert, Apex Visas is making the process simple for those, who are interested in applying under skilled migrants’ category.

People with demanded skills, qualifications and experience in New Zealand needs, are eligible to apply for skilled migrants’ visa, under certain conditions, which include sending an expression of interest to Immigration Department of New Zealand, first and foremost step. This process will lead towards acquiring the Permanent Resident Visa, which will also make your travel across the borders of New Zealand, a smooth process after a while; an unrestricted travel!

There are certain steps to be followed by the permanent residency visa applicant, which include:

  • having a resident visa or have held resident visa in previous 3 months (before applying for the permanent residency)
  • holding on to that resident visa for two continuous years
  • meet the requirement of relevant characters

Besides these requirements, the applicant need to fulfil the following requirements cum commitment to the New Zealand criteria:

  • Requisite time spent in New Zealand
  • Must have tax residence status
  • An investment in New Zealand is a must
  • Or have a business set-up in New Zealand
  • have an established base in New Zealand

Apex visas has helped out a number of aspirants to get settled in New Zealand with proper legal and documented work. Who knows, if next one KIWI in line is you?

Australian-Permanent-ResidencyThe aspiration to live in one of the world’s most prosperous countries, Australia resides in the hearts of many. The people who believe that they can inch closer to their dreams if they settle in a foreign country, Australia is one such country which should be preferred by them.  It is the sixth largest continent of the world that boasts of pulsating economy, culturally diverse society, excellent education, healthcare facilities, premium standard of living, political stability and high quality of life.  Having a Permanent Residency represents your given right to work and live in a particular country. Australia is a lucrative option for business development and growth having enormous natural resources and the economy developing at a large scale. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights that the country has a successful and reliable immigration policy and well laid out immigration programs.

The Permanent Residency to Australia allows a person from any part of the world to work and settle in Australia permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges provided to the citizens of the country. The person with such status is known as the Permanent Resident (PR). The country offers numerous advantages to the people who immigrate and live there.

Apex Visas highlights the visa status for permanent residency in Australia. In order to apply for a permanent residency, the person should have lived for a period of at least two years in a particular area and worked (includes being self-employed) or attained sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Permanent Residency authorizes a foreign national to live and work within a country apart from his own, for an infinite period of time. The individual having this status is known as a permanent resident and is eligible to apply for the country’s citizenship later, after a certain time period. A permanent residency visa holder enjoys numerous benefits granted to him legally, usually almost at par with the country’s citizen. Although, not every country necessarily has a facility for a permanent residency; rights and applications may vary widely. Countries have varying forms of such residency and varied relationships with other countries regarding the permanent residency status given to their respective citizens.

Apex Visas- Permanent Residency Visa

An individual can apply for a permanent residency visa after having held a resident visa for 2 years or more without any interruption. It is also imperative to have also met any conditions imposed on the resident visa which can include a sponsorship period of up to 5 years. To be eligible for a permanent residency visa (PRV), the principal applicant in the original residence application must:

  • hold a resident visa, or have held one in the last three months
  • hold, or have held, that resident visa for at least two years continuously
  • meet relevant character requirements.

Specific to each country, permanent residents usually enjoy a good range of advantages with following being the major highlights:

  • Free and Subsidized Education.
  • Right of setting up a business.
  • Right to buy/ sell/ own property.
  • Access to Medical Insurance.
  • Access to Social Security Benefits.
  • Right to apply for Citizenship.
  • Right to sponsor people.
  • Spouse is entitled to full time working rights.
  • No restriction on movement in and out of the country.
  • Better economic prospects.
  • Children born in the country are citizens by birth.

Even though having almost the same rights as citizens, as everything else, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Permanent residents fall short of the following in comparison to the citizens of that particular country:

  • They may not vote
  • They may not stand for public office
  • They may not apply for public sector employment
  • They may not apply for employment involving national security
  • They may not own certain classes of real estate
  • They are not issued the passport of that country
  • They do not have access the country’s consular protection

Ones who are granted permanent residency in a country are generally issued some sort of documentary evidence as legal proof of their status. While few countries would issue a photo ID card, others may place a visa sticker or certificate of residence in the person’s passport, or some may issue a letter to confirm their permanent resident status. It certainly makes an individual’s personal as well as work life much smoother when residing in a foreign land.