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New Zealand is a propelled country with a rich cultural background. Consistently, an extensive number of abroad applicants apply for New Zealand immigration. There are various reasons why applicants move to this country.

Here are some of the reasons which are described below:

Beautiful Landscape & Soothing Climate

New Zealand, otherwise called the Land of Kiwi is a beautiful country with a diversified geography. Its great ice sheets and mountains are adding more beauty to the scene of the country. These mountains always remain covered with snow accentuating the beauty of the lakes and the rivers of this region. It’s astonishing landscape and soothing atmosphere has always been fascinating people around the world.

Sound Economy

New Zealand is known for its sound financial background, which has turned into a spurring factor for abroad aspirants to immigrate to its land. The economy of this country has generally been based on exports from its very competent system of agriculture. The main agricultural export goods of New Zealand include dairy products, fruit and vegetables, forest products, wool, meat and fish. Apart from these, the nation has substantial hydroelectric power and sizable reserves of natural gas.

Its real manufacturing industries incorporate metal creation, food processing, wood and paper industry.

Flexible Immigration Policy

Unlike other immigration destinations across the world, New Zealand has a simple policy of immigration that allows all types of overseas aspirants, such as: skilled, business and investor etc. The migration strategy of the country has been enhanced throughout the years by making it increasingly adaptable and transparent. People with applicable capabilities and encounters can easily apply for New Zealand immigration.

Quality of life

Each person who dreams of overseas immigration would pick a goal where they can have a superior personal satisfaction. New Zealand is provided with third rank among the best nations to live in across the world, climbing 17 destinations in the latest index of United Nations, aimed at measuring development. According to a survey done in the year of 2010, the majority of New Zealand residents living in the cities had a positive response regarding the quality of life in this nation. With a healthy living atmosphere, housing, health and education facilities, it has become one of the best destination to live in.

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New Zealand is a gorgeous country that can be visited any time throughout the year, New Zealand is a country in the south western Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, the Joyful Climate and Full of Natural Beauty makes New Zealand the Leading destination to visit and Explore .

There are some things should know about New Zealand before visiting. They are as follows:


New Zealand’s climate is determined by its latitude, its isolation, and its physical characteristics. Because of high mountains, there are few climate changes occurs. Though it is most favorable place to visit anytime.


The language used all over in Country is English. Another language is said to be Maori as official language. Though New Zealand is English Speaking Country.


Presbyterian denominations being the largest people. Religion is nominally Christian, with Roman Catholic, Anglican.


There are lots of places to visit like North Island, South Island and Chatham Islands .  Cities like Auckland and Wellington with full of stunning landscape beauty.

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Over the years, New Zealand has catapulted itself to be a top contender for the best countries to be in. What New Zealand, as a country, offers its residents is truly remarkable. It has always been the land of opportunities, perhaps that’s why it has always been a preferred choice for the immigrants. The country specializes in the most prestigious teaching areas with great scope in the employment market. It is also one of the leading host countries for higher education across the globe. There are just over 4 million people who reside in the country, and it is one of the safest places to live in the world. The economy is actually incredibly stable, the cost of living is low, and the government is more stable (and less argumentative) as compared to other countries. This is one of the major reasons that immigration is embraced.

Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights that if one is planning to study here full time for more than three months he’ll need a student visa.

The Student visa requirements include:

  • an offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • a written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand (if you’re under 18 years)
  • evidence of sufficient funds to live on while you are studying
  • a return air ticket to your country, or evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.


Working in another country, besides yours, is any individual’s dream, where more job opportunities and better lifestyle contribute towards enhancing a personality. Other countries are always a huge opportunity for India and its citizens as the latter has a huge man base but not appropriate jobs as per the calibre of individuals. Reservations and recommendation/reference by others also result in the imbalance of employment and employees.

Hence, people start to shift abroad, where job opportunities, lifestyle and judiciary system, everything is far better than their own Nation. One of those charismatic countries is New Zealand, which is a perfect place to earn one’s bread and live the whole life peacefully, and minimum crime rate with least exposure to natural disasters add some cherries on the top.

Pune-based immigration expert, Apex Visas is making the process simple for those, who are interested in applying under skilled migrants’ category.

People with demanded skills, qualifications and experience in New Zealand needs, are eligible to apply for skilled migrants’ visa, under certain conditions, which include sending an expression of interest to Immigration Department of New Zealand, first and foremost step. This process will lead towards acquiring the Permanent Resident Visa, which will also make your travel across the borders of New Zealand, a smooth process after a while; an unrestricted travel!

There are certain steps to be followed by the permanent residency visa applicant, which include:

  • having a resident visa or have held resident visa in previous 3 months (before applying for the permanent residency)
  • holding on to that resident visa for two continuous years
  • meet the requirement of relevant characters

Besides these requirements, the applicant need to fulfil the following requirements cum commitment to the New Zealand criteria:

  • Requisite time spent in New Zealand
  • Must have tax residence status
  • An investment in New Zealand is a must
  • Or have a business set-up in New Zealand
  • have an established base in New Zealand

Apex visas has helped out a number of aspirants to get settled in New Zealand with proper legal and documented work. Who knows, if next one KIWI in line is you?