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Land of idyllic beauty, courteous people and aplethora of opportunities as an offering, that’s Canada for you. Peggedas one of the most peaceful countries in the world, Canada has always been a preferred choice for immigrants. And much of this can be attributed to the country’s policies and administration. Since 2003 Canada has had the highest economic growth of all G-7 nations and it boasts of the second highest standard of living among the G-20 nations.Owing to a strong and robust economy Canada offers an expansive career growth along with a myriad of benefits for the immigrants. And with their Express Entry system, becoming a permanent resident of Canada has become much easier.

Apex Visas

Apex Visas- Canada Express Entry

Apex Visas aka AV Immigration, holds a prowess in facilitating Permanent Residency Visa for the people who have technical experience and fall in the category of Skilled Migrants in addition to Student, Tourist and Dependant Visas. And we believe that with this new Express Entry system, Canada has hit the right chord to invite immigrants.

Express entry is essentially a new electronic application management system that aims to facilitate and expedite efficient processing ofCanada’s various immigration programs. By making an ‘expression of interest’ to immigrate to Canada and after being eligible for one of the immigration programs under Express Entry, applicants enter into an Express Entry Pool from where they are selected by  employers, the federal government and provincial governments.  The process is termed as an Express Entry because the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) processes an application within six months from the date of submission.So becoming a permanent resident of Canada has never been easy. Among various immigration programs under which an applicant can apply for theExpress Entry, primary are the FSW and PNP.

If an applicant falls under the category of a skilled worker, then that applicant is entitled to apply for Express Entry though FSW (Federal Skilled Worker). Under this criterion, if selected, the immigrant and his family gain an access to various benefits, ranging from a high standard of living to proverbial amenities, a world class education to healthcare and much more, life in Canada is made easier by the government policies for its citizens.

Under PNP (Provincial Nomination Program), a province can nominate a candidate who aims at immigrating to Canada and settling in a particular province. Other than Quebec, each province has its own nomination program which helps a great deal in expediting the permanent residency for an applicant.

With Apex Visas long held expertise in the domain, we handle all the overheads concerned with the paper work and guide you towards an immigration option that suits the best to your needs.

Permanent Residency authorizes a foreign national to live and work within a country apart from his own, for an infinite period of time. The individual having this status is known as a permanent resident and is eligible to apply for the country’s citizenship later, after a certain time period. A permanent residency visa holder enjoys numerous benefits granted to him legally, usually almost at par with the country’s citizen. Although, not every country necessarily has a facility for a permanent residency; rights and applications may vary widely. Countries have varying forms of such residency and varied relationships with other countries regarding the permanent residency status given to their respective citizens.

Apex Visas- Permanent Residency Visa

An individual can apply for a permanent residency visa after having held a resident visa for 2 years or more without any interruption. It is also imperative to have also met any conditions imposed on the resident visa which can include a sponsorship period of up to 5 years. To be eligible for a permanent residency visa (PRV), the principal applicant in the original residence application must:

  • hold a resident visa, or have held one in the last three months
  • hold, or have held, that resident visa for at least two years continuously
  • meet relevant character requirements.

Specific to each country, permanent residents usually enjoy a good range of advantages with following being the major highlights:

  • Free and Subsidized Education.
  • Right of setting up a business.
  • Right to buy/ sell/ own property.
  • Access to Medical Insurance.
  • Access to Social Security Benefits.
  • Right to apply for Citizenship.
  • Right to sponsor people.
  • Spouse is entitled to full time working rights.
  • No restriction on movement in and out of the country.
  • Better economic prospects.
  • Children born in the country are citizens by birth.

Even though having almost the same rights as citizens, as everything else, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Permanent residents fall short of the following in comparison to the citizens of that particular country:

  • They may not vote
  • They may not stand for public office
  • They may not apply for public sector employment
  • They may not apply for employment involving national security
  • They may not own certain classes of real estate
  • They are not issued the passport of that country
  • They do not have access the country’s consular protection

Ones who are granted permanent residency in a country are generally issued some sort of documentary evidence as legal proof of their status. While few countries would issue a photo ID card, others may place a visa sticker or certificate of residence in the person’s passport, or some may issue a letter to confirm their permanent resident status. It certainly makes an individual’s personal as well as work life much smoother when residing in a foreign land.

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