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You should know before applying for Hong Kong PR Visa


Many a times, people get confused regarding the visa procedures between China and Hong Kong. It has to be noted that the visa procedures for both the countries are independent and completely separate. The Hong Kong visa procedure continues to be the same as it was under the British administration.

Currency: The Hong Kong government uses “Honk Kong Dollars”. If you’re used to US currency, making the transition is actually quite easy. The current exchange rate is approximately 7.8%.

Another thing to remember about Hong Kong is that there is no sales tax. In addition, tipping in restaurants is rare. It seems strange at first not to tip or to just leave the change behind for the service, but servers and bartenders in Hong Kong are usually paid a nice salary or hourly wage – unlike in the states.

Transportation: Many adults in Hong Kong have never driven a car. They simply don’t need to. Hong Kong is wonderful because it is such an orderly and organized city. Mass transportation is safe, clean, convenient and very affordable. It is very easy to get a taxi, take the subway (known as the “MTR”), take a ferry or hop on a bus. Even though Hong Kong is part of China, it is overflowing with English-speaking ex-pats from all over the world.

Hiking: In Discovery Bay, which is a community on Lantau Island. You can compare DB to Hawaii and downtown Hong Kong to New York City. In other words, you definitely got to experience the best of both worlds. The great thing about living here is that we can hike all over the island to different communities, many of which are very Chinese and relatively primitive. If you love the outdoors and love to be active, there are countless opportunities to get out of the city and experience Chinese culture on foot.

With the ability to speak English fluently by all the Immigration officials in Hong Kong, the process is easier than ever. All that needs to be done is to fill an entry card post landing. This is usually given while on flight itself. This card is then sent to the immigration control. The applicant would then be sent a duplicate copy of it. In case the applicant misplaces this card; he has to submit a fresh one altogether. This card should be possessed by the applicant till his stay ends in the country.

For those planning to study, work and live in Hong Kong permanently, they would have to apply for a PR visa at a Chinese embassy or the Hong Kong Consulate nearest to their country of origin.

Apex Visas advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly.


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live in Australia

Immigration opportunities to Australia

Australia’s immigration program is open for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and skills. One of the most used ways to get a Permanent Resident visa in Australia is the General Australian Skilled Immigration Program. Selection of viable candidates for the program is made by testing English language proficiency, qualifications, and work experience.

In other terms, Australia is open for Immigrants whom are able to aid the economic process of the country, either by their skill set and qualifications, or by directly investing in industry or commercial branches.

Australia Population

The laid-back, relaxed living style of Australia people has deemed four cities in this country as being some of the most livable in the world. Even though there is no official language in Australia, English has always been the primary conversational language – this is why one of the primary criteria of being qualified for immigration is level of English proficiency.

Australia Industry

Australia’s main industrial activity is agriculture. Even so, although regular vegetables and fruits are cheap and easy to find (such as carrots or potatoes), others, more exotic fruits are pretty expensive. However, as a new person in Australia you will find it easy to eat something at decent prices (Australian Dollars).

Australia Government

A permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia. It is the ultimate place until a migrant is able to achieve the ultimate goal.

For both citizens and non-citizens, Australian government services and benefits are the responsibility of government agencies and have the policy liability for service or benefit.

Here are some examples:

  • Social Security
  • National health scheme (Medicare)
  • Education
  • Higher Education Loans Program (HELP)
  • Citizenship grant
  • Immigration sponsorship

Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to go ahead and start nurturing a dream of making Australia your permanent home.

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Immigration to Canada under Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

Canada is one among the few favorite destinations of immigrants and this is due to the fact that it leads in the “Liveability ranking”. The country offers the best healthcare, safety, education, culture and environment and more to be in best place to live. The easiest way to immigrate to Canada for those who desire to is through the Canada Express Entry program, which is a new system introduced in 2015 to manage immigration to Canada on skilled work experience.

Who is eligible?

Express Entry immigration is designed for skilled workers who are currently working in Canada or even in other countries. It is along these lines imperative to check with the National Occupational Classification to see if your occupation qualifies or not before applying. For you to qualify for the entry, you must be in one of existing immigration programs which are Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class. The programs come with different requirements too including work experience, education and language skills.

Eligibility Requirements for Skilled Migration Programs

As a skilled worker or professional, you can easily migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class programs easily if you meet the following minimum eligibility requirements.

Work experience: For any of the three programs mentioned, you need work experience of minimum one year or two years, either full-time or part-time of equal amount in the last ten, five years or three years. Your skilled work experience must be in the relevant job featured in Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the National Occupational Classification list.

Language Skills: Meet the language skills for speaking, reading, listening and writing required in English or French.The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized English language test designed to assessyour English Skills to reflect how you will use English at study, at work, and at play, in your new life abroad.

Education: An educational qualification of degree, diploma or certificate that can be either a Canadian or foreign educational credential from or equivalent to a Canadian secondary or post-secondary school if you are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Financial Status: You need to prove that you have sufficient money to support yourself, as well as your family in Canada.

Canada immigration Express Entry is a system that manages permanent residence applications under the existing immigration programs. It basically selects skilled workers to Canada under the Federal Economic programs. Applications need to submit online profiles to Express Entry Pool so provincial governments and Canadian employers across the country can access best candidates invited by the Federal government to apply for the permanent residence.


The Canada Express Entry program doesn’t have any pre defined skill list the applicants can present their credentials irrespective of what profession they are working in.For the language eligibility you need to meet the minimum level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and need to pass the test conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with the required level of reading, writing and speaking skills.

Apex Visas offers you the best migration services in Canada. We are filing for prospective candidates so that they do not miss the opportunity for getting the Permanent Residency in Canada. If you are looking for assistance in relation to easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada, get in touch with us Now.

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Apex Visas: Get Your EB-5 US Investor Visa


For those people looking to become a US citizen, but do not qualify for the requirements through naturalization or other criteria, there is another option of the EB-5 investor visa. However, you will need to invest $500,000 in any of the US-based company and generate work for at least 10 American people for a total of 2 years at the minimum. And if you are a determined individual, with money of course, getting an investor visa might turn out to be the easiest way to get a citizenship. These are some of the requirements that need to be met:

Investment needs to be legal and coming from an inheritance, earning or grant which is as per law. You will need to show the relevant documentation for the source of your wealth such as pay slips, income tax statements, and title documents.

The investment can only be in a US-owned and based company with the investment you need to ensure that 10 Americans are given jobs for a minimum period of 2 years.

However, you need to know that the money is just a ticket to get the investor’s visa but not a sure-shot way to get it. The investment that you are prepared to do is a way to get closer to becoming eligible for the green card and that can lead to later becoming a citizen.

Apex Visas is specialized firm in India, and helps overseas investor in obtaining EB5 investor visa.

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new zealand immigration

New Zealand is an advanced country with a rich cultural background. Every year, a large number of overseas aspirants apply for New Zealand immigration. There are a number of reasons why people choose to migrate to this nation. Some of the reasons can be described as below.

Beautiful Landscape & Soothing Climate:

New Zealand, also known as the Land of Kiwi is a beautiful nation with a diversified geography. Its magnificent glaciers and mountains are adding more beauty to the landscape of the country. It’s amazing landscape and soothing climate has always been fascinating people around the world.

Sound Economy:

New Zealand is known for its sound economic background, which has become a motivating factor for overseas aspirants to immigrate to its land. The economy of this nation has traditionally been based on exports from its very competent system of agriculture. Its major manufacturing industries include metal fabrication, food processing, wood and paper industry.

Flexible Immigration Policy:

New Zealand has a simple policy of immigration that allows all types of overseas aspirants, such as: skilled, business and investor etc. People with relevant qualifications and experiences can easily apply for New Zealand immigration.

Quality of life:

Every individual who dreams of overseas immigration would choose a destination where they can have a better quality of life. New Zealand is provided with third rank among the best nations to live in across the world, climbing 17 destinations in the latest index of United Nations, aimed at measuring development.

World Class Education System

There are a number of people, who wish to migrate to New Zealand with the purpose of attaining their higher education. The educational institutions of this country offer a wide range of courses and thus invite overseas students, who intend to pursue their higher studies.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, New Zealand is considered to be the safest place to live in, with family and children. This country is best known for its lower crime rate.

Better Job Opportunity

This country has been providing several employment opportunities and a healthy environment to work in. At present, the country is providing a number of opportunities for those, who want to apply for New Zealand immigration under skilled category.

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Ontario PNP Program

Immigrants looking for provinces in Canada One of the most popular in Ontario. The aim of Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is selecting candidates who are experienced and able to contribute for the Canadian Economy. There are several ways for Immigration to Canada with Express Entry Program or PNP, As Ontario PNP Program is one of them.

What is Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)?

There are many province to migrate to Canada, Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP is an excellent pathway to migrate among Canadian province, Ontario. The application of a candidate can simply file online once to get nominated by Ontario to migrate there through Ontario PNP Program.    

Skilled and Experienced Immigrants have targeted by the Ontario under different Programs and Categories. Candidates are recruited directly by the OINP. To apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Ontario gives a nomination certificate for selected candidates. As compared to other PNP programs the process is much fast and convenient for Candidates.

  You can apply through one of the following OINP immigration categories:

  1. Ontario Express Entry
  • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  1. General Category (Employer Category)
  • Foreign Workers with a Job Offer Stream
  1. International Student Category
  • International Students with a Job Offer Stream
  • International Students – Masters Graduate Stream
  • International Students – PhD Graduate Stream
  1. Business Category
  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • Corporate Stream
  • Investors Category (discontinued)

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Migrate to Canada

Moving to a different county can be an overwhelming experience. So much so that you can tend to lose touch with the reality of it all. Migration to Canada is an exciting thought, but have you taken into consideration where you will be living in terms of climate, population and language. If you migrate to Canada and become a permanent resident, you will get most of the same privileges that citizens have as many people are considering immigrating.

One big benefit that is conferred is the right to live and work anywhere in the country. You also get free health care for yourself and your family who live there, and free public school education for your children. Immigrants can come and go; you can always go visit your home country if you need to do so.

There are safety nets in the Canadian social system for people who are unemployed or in financial crisis. You also receive extra benefits if you have children. Plus, once you have permanent resident status, you can sponsor your family. This means you can make it possible for your parents and siblings to immigrate as well.

The crime rate in Canada is quite low. You also have a high quality of life and standard of living. Because of this, many people want to come. You can even visit the US without a visitor visa.

Many people want to immigrate to Canada for both economic and lifestyle reasons. Citizenship of Canada is an awesome thing, respected around the world, and it is available to you if you just relocate to Canada.

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