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Canadian Permanent Resident

Immigration to Canada has a new face, total of 3624 aspirants have been issued the (ITA) i.e. the invitation to Apply in the very first express entry draw that took place on August 2017. The most recent draw, which took place on August 2, observed the minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score condition of 441, as an outcome the candidates in the Express Entry pool who have the score of 441 or above at the time of the draw are now in a position to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

For becoming a Canadian permanent resident and in order to be in a position to obtain an ITA in an Express Entry draw, individuals are at priority essential to meet the eligibility conditions of one of the three immigration programs that are managed through the Express Entry system which are the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) or Federal Skilled Trades Class (FTSC).

In the case of becoming Canadian permanent resident and upon entering the pool, candidates are allocated a CRS score based on aspects including, education, civil status information, language ability, work experience, and other criteria. This score defines their ranking in the pool. During episodic draws, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issue ITAs to the highest-ranking candidates. Those candidates who receive an ITA may submit an application for Canadian permanent resident status. Family members who are willing to take along their spouse and dependent children can do so which means they can accompany the principal applicant. IRCC has an aim to process the application within six months however the applications have to be complete submitted ones for acquisition of the Canadian permanent resident.

The CRS cut off that took place on 12th July 2017 was just one point lower than the current draw. Also, it may be taken a note that the time span of three weeks between these draws was longer than on numerous prior occasions, that allowed more candidates to enter the pool and give the currently existing applicants a longer than the usual opportunity to increase their total points. This might have been the reason that created an upward pressure on the cut-off. Generally, when the gaps between the draws happen to be lesser, as observed in the past, it is probable that the cut-off will decrease and will become an add-on point for people who are willing to become Canadian permanent resident.

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Australia Student Visa

The peculiar feature of this visa is that it allows you to reside in Australia for the purpose of study full time in a recognized educational institution. The Australian student visa is valid for five years which means that the length of stay can be up to 5 years.

The cost of the Australian student visa is AUD 560; also the processing time of each sub category is different from the other. For the higher education sector, 75% of applications are processed in 23 days, school sector takes around 22 days whereas the post graduate sector applications get processed in 42 days.

To become eligible for the Australian student visa, before application you must have been acknowledged to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia also planned suitable welfare measures for the duration of your intended stay in Australia if you are below 18 years of age.

With limited exclusions, you must be registered in a course of study, that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Just a letter of offer from the education provider will not be acceptable in case you are applying from outside Australia, you must include a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for every intended course of study along with the visa application.

In the case of the English Language Requirements for the Australian Student Visa, you might require providing proof of your English language skills with your visa application. The basic three steps of the application for Australian Student Visa is first to gather documents, applying for the visa and lastly things to do post application  which might include providing additional documents, tracking and managing your application and other things like providing  police certificates, attend an interview, providing biometric as well the passport details etc.


If your Australian Student Visa by any chance happens has an expiry date prior to completion of your graduation then you might be able to apply another visa matching the circumstances such as the visitor visa or so. For same, you will also require providing a letter from your education provider which will be stating the date of your graduation.

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New Zealand Citizenship add-on

Once you are stable as a permanent resident in New Zealand you might take a call to become a citizen, also representing your commitment to your new country of residence. New Zealand Citizenship gives you a range of benefits tied along.

Some of the benefits would be of having the rights to freely travel overseas; you will have complete admittance to economic rights also educational scholarships that are specially reserved for New Zealanders.

Ways to Citizenship

There are 2 ways by which you can fetch the citizenship, first is the Citizenship by Descent and the other is Citizenship by Grant (DIA).  You become eligible to citizenship by Descent in case you were born overseas but either of your parents was a New Zealand citizen. But usually, Citizenship by Grant is the way for maximum migrants. It may pay to note the necessities for children under 16 are slightly different.

Citizenship by Grant

In regular terms, the requirements are:

  • Intention: for New Zealand Citizenship you must plan to reside in New Zealand if you’re allowed citizenship.
  • Residence: you’ll typically be required to have been living in New Zealand with residence status for five years before you apply for New Zealand Citizenship. Previously there was an option of applying after three years which is no longer availed.
  • You should be well versed with English to tackle day to day situations like banking, shopping etc. as this can be considered to be one of the important factors while fetching New Zealand Citizenship.
  • Good character: if you’ve been condemned of traffic offenses, benefit scam or have any convictions, it may have adverse effect your application.
  • Lastly, you need to understand the responsibilities and freedoms of New Zealand citizenship.

There are various fees involved at different stages in the procedure of getting New Zealand Citizenship. The Department of Internal Affairs has a list of the charges involved.

The New Zealand citizenship has a lot of good for you however you need to become a permanent resident at first for enjoying the rest of the luxury.

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New Zealand – Permanent Residence

New Zealand is an island situated in south west of Pacific Ocean that offers an amazing lifestyle with its long established democracy, harmless and steady political situation and a multicultural society that is an indication of migration from various parts of the world since years. Becoming permanent residence of New Zealand gives a privileged feeling.

New Zealand is one of the most wonderful countries to work, live and study. It is said to be the third safest country lives in the world. New Zealand is the utmost cleaned and lovely country in the world with remarkable sceneries and countryside gorgeousness. It has vast career opportunities and seamless work and life equilibrium with substantial workplace laws in favor of the employees.

Some of the major factors which will force you to try for permanent residence of New Zealand are that it has enormous number of industries that are facing shortage of skilled employees resulting into extensive opportunities to overseas skilled professionals to work in the country, Government support and encourage the skilled migrants to the country, relatively simple and trouble free Immigration Procedure to facilitate the immigration of skilled migrants from all parts of the world, New Zealand has got one of the best Education systems in the world in place with safe and encouraging learning environment.

For getting the permanent residence of New Zealand there are various categories to select from to migrate indefinitely. Refugee Family Support, Parent Retirement Category, Skilled Migrant, Work to Residence, Residence from Work, Partner, Dependent Child. Work permit categories include skilled migrant, work to residence, residence from work.

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The Route to Immigrate to Australia

Australia has always been the favorite destination of the cultivated Indian migrants. In case you have actually dreamt of migrating to Australia then you would do well in finding out the route and the process to immigrate to Australia with the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled for the visa application.

When you plan to immigrate to Australia, you will be glad to know that the (DIBP) Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection proposes and tackles’ more than one hundred permits of the sub streams that are duly segregated as provisional, permanent or temporary to the candidates of all types.

For you to immigrate to Australia there is a well-administrated system through which the immigration procedure is run smoothly i.e. Skill Select. It facilitates the Australian Immigration process.

The application of Skill Select has been accordingly approved by interpretation and development of abundant classifications, and subdivisions into one compressed but the all-inclusive podium. Every trained profession system has now been brought within the purview of this one single booth consent i.e., Federal, Regional, and Employer sponsorship. In the said podium it is crucial that you create an electronic profile EOI (Expression of Interest) for the purpose of that you wish to immigrate to Australia.

The initiations should be settled for you to immigrate to Australia well in advance for two precise reasons:

During the creation of your EOI, you should present the data and your profile of given grades on the basis of points-assessment (this is significant in case you decide for independent migration where highest positioned profile is preferred).

In case your EOI is chosen, you get not more than 60 days to accomplish the requirements, failing which the invite is withdrawn and the ideal prospect lost. Post finishing the said requirements, you can make your profile. At the time of generating your profile, you can choose for the passage of migration, i.e., Independent migration, Skilled, Business, Investment, and Employer sponsorship.

You can choose manifold plans through one EOI even as it will be visible for the schemes you prefer. The EOI is stockpiled for a span of two years and can be updated as and when required. So the overall process of immigrating to Australia goes quite smooth.

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Settle in Canada – Ontario

One of the most amazing and popular destination for newcomer is Ontario. When you plan to settle in Canada then Ontario would probably be your first choice. It is the country’s most famous province which ranks second largest by land and area. It is located in the central Canada. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. Toronto is the country’s financial center and station of stock exchange. Some of the important cities of Ontario include London, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Kingston etc.

Ontario is the Canada’s main economic hub, it is quite famous for being the multicultural city in the world. When you dream to settle in Canada this option could not lack behind. Ontario is popular for the natural diversity that it possesses. It includes the beautiful provincial parks, the world-famous Niagara Falls and some vast forests. As a result of immigration the place has become a society that welcomes multiculturalism along with the tolerance for same.

When you settle in Canada, especially in Ontario you will find a lot many entertainers, artists and intellectuals from around the globe. Ontario has high foreign born population. Being in Ontario you can experience the world.  

Once you settle in Canada, especially in Ontario the employment is in full range as there are ample of opportunities for professionals also it being the economic heart of Canada. The standard of living in Ontario is high as residents of Ontario earn incomes that rank highest in Canada. The high income makes the standard of living affordable.

Settling in Canada’s province of Ontario, you will find world’s leading research institutes are located. Its universities are the best and are internationally recognized. Some of the universities are University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario.

To settle in Canada, immigration is the only pathway. Immigration has become so very significant and generally applicants choose to reside in Ontario. The growth of Ontario is flooded with immigrants. It has off- late restructured its chances and opportunities in the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, which allows Ontario to fasten and speed up the immigration applications of candidates who have the skills that equal the province’s requirements.  

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Every Bit of Australian Culture!!

Australia is undoubtedly an amazing destination to stay and reside for a lifetime with all its beauty and fascinating things around. Australia has the 13th largest economy, it ranks high for its fine quality of life which has benefits of all major aspects such as health, education, freedom, civil liberties and political rights. The entire population of Australian culture is well urbanized and is majorly concentrated on the eastern seaboard.

Australian culture is completely western one which was primarily derived from Britain. The culture of Australia does have some influence of its antique geography as well. Since the British settlement, the Australian Culture has split crucially. Australian Culture respects the dignity and freedom of every individual, it gives freedom of religion, there is equality maintained of men and women hence mutual respect is given to both.

There is an Australian Values statement that all applicants above the age of 18years have to sign, this applies to all categories of visas the material for the same is made available by the Australian government in the Life in Australia book. Aborigines are Australia’s native people. Recent government statistics counted approximately 2% of Australia’s total population.  The Australian Aborigines had migrated at least 30,000 years ago from somewhere in Asia.

Some of the Australian culture and values respect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion and worldly government, support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law, equality under the law, equality of men and women.

The values mentioned above are not exclusive in Australia however they are there in its history and have been followed since then. So overall the immigration dream seems more exciting knowing the culture and values practiced in Australia.

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