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Settle in Canada through Express Entry System


Canada Express Entry is a migration method that enables talented workers to inspire chose to work in Canada under the country’s Federal economic programs. Candidates ought to present their online profile to the Canada Express Entry pool. The commonplace government and Canadian employers search for the best candidates who are chosen by the Canadian Federal government to apply for permanent residency.

Online Canada Express Entry: Intrigued candidates need to fill an online profile. It is a protected method for giving data in regards to their work understanding, training, language capacity, aptitudes and other vital subtleties that will help the Canada Immigration authorities assess them.

Invitation for Permanent resident: There is a point based framework considered Comprehensive Ranking System that positions applicants against each other. Points are given to them as indicated by the data referenced in their profile. The applicants with the highest scores in the pool are welcome to apply for permanent residence. An applicant is awarded points for skills, experience job offer and commonplace assignment. When chosen, an applicant’s get 60 days to fill the online application for permanent residence; Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 13 months. If they don’t get a challenge to apply for permanent resident during that time, at that point they may present another profile.

Eligibility: The Canada Express Entry program doesn’t have any pre defined skill list the applicants can present their credentials irrespective of what profession they are working in. For the language qualification you have to meet the base dimension of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and need to breeze through the test led by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with the required dimension of reading, writing and speaking skills.

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Each person’s definitive aim in life is to accomplish a great job and have an extraordinary profession. That is one of the reasons why Germany has become so famous and a famous destination amongst all students and job seekers. Also Germany has great job opportunities for people from other countries to contribute towards their growth. It’s another top destination for searching for a job.

Often people ask questions as to there are so many other countries where they can migrate so why should they choose only Germany. There are certain reasons due to which Germany scores above other countries.

Great Job Opportunities: Overall in Germany the numbers of jobs are very high but the number of working professionals is quite low so there is a great opportunity for people to work there and make great careers. There are a lot of opportunities in various sectors in Germany.

High Standard of living: Germany is a beautiful country to live in with great amenities and the latest technologies, you can live a high profile lifestyle there if you wish to.

Rich Work Experience: Working in Germany can also add great value to your resume and overall work experience. Since Germany has a great importance in the entire world the work done here will also be regarded of high significance.

High Salaried Jobs: Germany boasts of having one of the highest paid jobs in the world. The average salary paid here is comparatively more than what is paid in other Country. So Germany is worth going for making good money.

Cosmopolitan Culture and Society: Germany has a variety of cultures and a variety of people of different states and countries. Germany has a very beautiful climate and location due to which it attracts people of varied cultures. So it is fun to reside there as you can get an exposure to various cultures and different lifestyles.

So looking at the above points it is quite clear that Germany is quite impressive and attracts a lot of people all over the world. Germany aims to attract eligible qualified immigrants, they can meet the needs of the country’s skills through Job Seeker Visa. You will have the opportunity to discover new professional prospects and develop your own professional skill and life.

Apex Visas will be able to provide you information and advice on any questions you may have about Germany Immigration.

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A flood of benefits greets Indian immigrants to Canada. From safe & secure environment to terrific business/investment opportunities, from life time free healthcare to a variety of social assistance schemes, the overseas nation provides numerous benefits to those who shift to it, and become its nationals.

Here under are some of the many benefits which greet the Indians, who shift to the dream land called Canada.

Life time free healthcare: The nation boasts of one of the globe’s best healthcare arrangements. Each and every national and permanent resident of the nation is duly sheltered with insurance plan of his specific province. The given health plan is funded by tax measures even as it proffers the globe’s best possible essential health services, along with hospitals and doctors’ charges. Every resident of the nation enjoy free access to world-class healthcare. A significant section of the individuals above 65, along with the social aid receivers, get most of their drugs & tablets/pills absolutely free. Each and every citizen of the Maple Country gets complete healthcare protection. It covers not only hospitalization but also doctor visits. The many benefits are normally available inside just 3 months of acquiring the prized citizenship, and at certain times, earlier.

Free first-rate education till 12th grade: Ottawa gives free primary & secondary education. The nation also gives financial support for post-secondary studies. Each and every kid ought to be present at school till they turn 16-17 even as 95% of the kids go to such public schools, which receive funds and are free. The nation spends comparatively more on education, with reference to any other developed country. Significantly, the Canadian educational arrangement differs from one province to another.

Child Benefits: Till they turn 17 years, every child receives monthly payments from Ottawa on the basis of his parents’ earnings. The said fund is proffered to every child in the country for a better life & education.

Safety & security: As compared to most other nations, Canada is safe and one can feel so at any given time even across the downtown regions of the key Canadian cities of Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. Across almost every class, the Maple Country has lower crime rates vis-à-vis other nations, including its immediate neighbor, the US.

Unmatched all round prosperity: Canadians have developed robust & stable economy even as presently they enjoy its many benefits. Majority of the jobs in the Maple Country enable people to cover all their expenses, and feel well covered and protected.

Social assistance schemes: The nation boasts of several administration-aided & funded schemes & arrangements which accordingly assist those, who have no jobs, to get a job soon.

Multiculturalism: In Canada the migrants can rest assured that they won’t be subjected to discrimination on the basis of their faith, language, origin, sex, etc.

Excellent businessmen/investment environment: Starting an enterprise or a business in the country is relatively easy as Ottawa encourages and helps those who are keen to so.

Apex Visas recommends that interested applicants seek Permanent Resident in Canada to achieve all wishes and dreams. Although the process is simple, it is recommended to seek guidance from experienced professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration procedures and can correctly guide applicants.


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Australia, the beautiful island country is one of the ideal destinations to immigrate as the country offers ample growth opportunities for the immigrants to have a bright future. If someone looking for a country which has a peaceful life, advanced transport and communication, friendly people, outdoor lifestyle, good health care facilities and stable economy then Australia is perhaps the right choice for such people

With a low density of population, there is a shortage of domestic skilled labors in many industrial sectors of Australia. As a consequence, the Australian government actively encourages the immigration of the skilled professionals, who have the required educational qualifications and work experience to fulfill the vacancies of skilled occupations. There are also opportunities for the businessmen for Australia migration if they can contribute to the development of the already flourishing economy of Australia by doing capital or by creating jobs for the Australian citizens.

The immigration program that provides visa to the skilled workers and businessmen is given below:

This program facilitates the immigration of the skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs to make Australia able to maintain a stable and strong economy. One of the key benefits of an Australian visa under this category is that this visa provides permanent resident status to its holder. In order to complete a visa application under the General Skilled Migration Program (GSM), the prospective immigrant need to have a lot of preparation and complete knowledge of the requirements that must be fulfilled to get nominated by the Australian government or employer.

Introduced in 1st July, 2012, the GSM Program is basically an online program under which the applicants initially need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). They also have to get a skills assessment test done with the skills assessing authority. Here, it can be mentioned that there are at present there are 37 different skills assessing bodies. So it is very important to get your skills assessed by the relevant authority.

Other requirements for a Skilled Visa are as follows:

Age: The maximum age limit of a candidate must be under 50 years.

Education: Must have the required qualifications needed for that skilled occupation

Language: Must be competent in English language

Skills Assessment: Must fulfill the specific qualification and work experience requirements in the Skills Assessment Test

Health requirements: Must be in good health if evaluated in the medical test

Character: Must be of good character when assessed

Apex Visas is a reputed consulting firm providing complete assistance to the aspiring individuals, who would like to go to Australia under the skilled Immigration. We will help you in the entire visa application process to make your visa application successful.

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Dubai is a dream destination for travelers. It’s full of amazing things, and seeing you won’t be able to get anything else, boasts of some of the most spectacular and monumental structures, that has been attracting visitors from all over to witness man made creation in its full glory. It’s frequently called to as the “City of Gold,” Dubai is where Middle Eastern traditionalism meets Western glitz. Dubai city is recognized for being a very safe, tolerant and friendly city and renowned for its beautiful beaches, modern architecture and cosmopolitan community.

Dubai is for sure an extraordinary travel destination for both the visitor and also the business explorer, it is a popular destination for migrant workers from all over the world. Dubai being the world renowned place for tourism, investment, job opportunities etc!

There is a considerable measure one can say in regards to Dubai, but feeling the excitement is unique and that can’t occur except if you visit Dubai once in a lifetime. It is ideal for weddings, desert trips, shopping, fascinating architecture such as Burj Khalifa and the pearl white beaches of Palm Jumeirah.

There is a considerable measure to do in Dubai on the off chance that you are visiting the place only for the sake of entertainment. If you are visiting the place just for fun then Dubai is one of them for best places. Accommodation in DXB is not a problem, there are a bazillion hotels round the corner at every street you walk down. Furnished hotel apartment’s are comparatively cheaper and a better place to live in and gives you a homely feeling as well.

Apex Visas offers Tourist Visa services for Dubai from India and get your visa in the simplest and fastest way possible.

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You should know before applying for Hong Kong PR Visa


Many a times, people get confused regarding the visa procedures between China and Hong Kong. It has to be noted that the visa procedures for both the countries are independent and completely separate. The Hong Kong visa procedure continues to be the same as it was under the British administration.

Currency: The Hong Kong government uses “Honk Kong Dollars”. If you’re used to US currency, making the transition is actually quite easy. The current exchange rate is approximately 7.8%.

Another thing to remember about Hong Kong is that there is no sales tax. In addition, tipping in restaurants is rare. It seems strange at first not to tip or to just leave the change behind for the service, but servers and bartenders in Hong Kong are usually paid a nice salary or hourly wage – unlike in the states.

Transportation: Many adults in Hong Kong have never driven a car. They simply don’t need to. Hong Kong is wonderful because it is such an orderly and organized city. Mass transportation is safe, clean, convenient and very affordable. It is very easy to get a taxi, take the subway (known as the “MTR”), take a ferry or hop on a bus. Even though Hong Kong is part of China, it is overflowing with English-speaking ex-pats from all over the world.

Hiking: In Discovery Bay, which is a community on Lantau Island. You can compare DB to Hawaii and downtown Hong Kong to New York City. In other words, you definitely got to experience the best of both worlds. The great thing about living here is that we can hike all over the island to different communities, many of which are very Chinese and relatively primitive. If you love the outdoors and love to be active, there are countless opportunities to get out of the city and experience Chinese culture on foot.

With the ability to speak English fluently by all the Immigration officials in Hong Kong, the process is easier than ever. All that needs to be done is to fill an entry card post landing. This is usually given while on flight itself. This card is then sent to the immigration control. The applicant would then be sent a duplicate copy of it. In case the applicant misplaces this card; he has to submit a fresh one altogether. This card should be possessed by the applicant till his stay ends in the country.

For those planning to study, work and live in Hong Kong permanently, they would have to apply for a PR visa at a Chinese embassy or the Hong Kong Consulate nearest to their country of origin.

Apex Visas advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly.


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live in Australia

Immigration opportunities to Australia

Australia’s immigration program is open for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and skills. One of the most used ways to get a Permanent Resident visa in Australia is the General Australian Skilled Immigration Program. Selection of viable candidates for the program is made by testing English language proficiency, qualifications, and work experience.

In other terms, Australia is open for Immigrants whom are able to aid the economic process of the country, either by their skill set and qualifications, or by directly investing in industry or commercial branches.

Australia Population

The laid-back, relaxed living style of Australia people has deemed four cities in this country as being some of the most livable in the world. Even though there is no official language in Australia, English has always been the primary conversational language – this is why one of the primary criteria of being qualified for immigration is level of English proficiency.

Australia Industry

Australia’s main industrial activity is agriculture. Even so, although regular vegetables and fruits are cheap and easy to find (such as carrots or potatoes), others, more exotic fruits are pretty expensive. However, as a new person in Australia you will find it easy to eat something at decent prices (Australian Dollars).

Australia Government

A permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia. It is the ultimate place until a migrant is able to achieve the ultimate goal.

For both citizens and non-citizens, Australian government services and benefits are the responsibility of government agencies and have the policy liability for service or benefit.

Here are some examples:

  • Social Security
  • National health scheme (Medicare)
  • Education
  • Higher Education Loans Program (HELP)
  • Citizenship grant
  • Immigration sponsorship

Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to go ahead and start nurturing a dream of making Australia your permanent home.

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