Once you are stable as a permanent resident in New Zealand you might take a call to become a citizen, also representing your commitment to your new country of residence. New Zealand Citizenship gives you a range of benefits tied along.

Some of the benefits would be of having the rights to freely travel overseas; you will have complete admittance to economic rights also educational scholarships that are specially reserved for New Zealanders.

Ways to Citizenship

There are 2 ways by which you can fetch the citizenship, first is the Citizenship by Descent and the other is Citizenship by Grant (DIA).  You become eligible to citizenship by Descent in case you were born overseas but either of your parents was a New Zealand citizen. But usually, Citizenship by Grant is the way for maximum migrants. It may pay to note the necessities for children under 16 are slightly different.

Citizenship by Grant

In regular terms, the requirements are:

  • Intention: for New Zealand Citizenship you must plan to reside in New Zealand if you’re allowed citizenship.
  • Residence: you’ll typically be required to have been living in New Zealand with residence status for five years before you apply for New Zealand Citizenship. Previously there was an option of applying after three years which is no longer availed.
  • You should be well versed with English to tackle day to day situations like banking, shopping etc. as this can be considered to be one of the important factors while fetching New Zealand Citizenship.
  • Good character: if you’ve been condemned of traffic offenses, benefit scam or have any convictions, it may have adverse effect your application.
  • Lastly, you need to understand the responsibilities and freedoms of New Zealand citizenship.

There are various fees involved at different stages in the procedure of getting New Zealand Citizenship. The Department of Internal Affairs has a list of the charges involved.

The New Zealand citizenship has a lot of good for you however you need to become a permanent resident at first for enjoying the rest of the luxury.

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