New Zealand is an island situated in south west of Pacific Ocean that offers an amazing lifestyle with its long established democracy, harmless and steady political situation and a multicultural society that is an indication of migration from various parts of the world since years. Becoming permanent residence of New Zealand gives a privileged feeling.

New Zealand is one of the most wonderful countries to work, live and study. It is said to be the third safest country lives in the world. New Zealand is the utmost cleaned and lovely country in the world with remarkable sceneries and countryside gorgeousness. It has vast career opportunities and seamless work and life equilibrium with substantial workplace laws in favor of the employees.

Some of the major factors which will force you to try for permanent residence of New Zealand are that it has enormous number of industries that are facing shortage of skilled employees resulting into extensive opportunities to overseas skilled professionals to work in the country, Government support and encourage the skilled migrants to the country, relatively simple and trouble free Immigration Procedure to facilitate the immigration of skilled migrants from all parts of the world, New Zealand has got one of the best Education systems in the world in place with safe and encouraging learning environment.

For getting the permanent residence of New Zealand there are various categories to select from to migrate indefinitely. Refugee Family Support, Parent Retirement Category, Skilled Migrant, Work to Residence, Residence from Work, Partner, Dependent Child. Work permit categories include skilled migrant, work to residence, residence from work.

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