The email from Vetassess to the migration agents is going viral. Vetassess launches priority processing. The email says that “We are pleased to announce that on 1 August 2017, we are launching Priority Processing service for our General Professional Occupation applicants.

This is an exclusive service will be started from 01 August 2017 by Vetassess, for speeding up the applications assessed under Vetassess. This service will avail with the fast track provision to the applicants with an additional fee. The additional fees that will be charged are for the speeding the process of assessment. Vetassess has to say that, the need and urgency of some people to process the application on an early basis is understood, which is why this new announcement and process is to be started. In this fast track processing, the time taken for finalizing the case will be 10 business days.

This consideration of processing on a Vetassess fast track basis will be applied to the client who will apply online post 01 August 2017. The detail provided as of now is in short however the detail in full will be given the Veatssess website on coming Tuesday i.e. 01 August 2017.

Though this service about to start soon it will not have any impact on the regular skill assessment services that are provided by Vetassess that will anyway remain as it is and also the processing time and rest will remain constant.

The Veatssess fees have not changed since 2014 this becomes evidence that the increase or hike for the exclusive service is going to be the modest for the General Professional Occupations.  Vetassess continues to provide the most efficient and high-quality services towards the skill assessment.

The fee structure will be updated effective from 1 August 2017. And lastly, all application filed or received prior to the specified date will be subject to the current fees.

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