189 as well as 190 categories, represent a subclass of the Australian PR Visa, if you make a choice of applying for one of them you should be eligible as a skilled independent or nominated respectively in Australia which brings plenty of benefits tied along.

To start off with the 189 subclass, it is a skilled independent visa for highly educated candidates who are willing to resettle to Australia by getting the Australian PR Visa, it being an independent category this is the most important feature of this subclass as it gives all the freedom for the individual to stay anywhere in Australia as per his/her choice.

The 189 Subclass belong to the Australian PR Visa and after fetching the same you get a stable visa which allows you to stay in Australia throughout your life. This is provided to the skilled workers only. This category visa is not sponsored by any employer, relative or state hence it is also called as an independent visa.

Once this Australian PR Visa subclass 189 is received you become eligible for many things in the country. You get access to Australian government subsidized healthcare, access to social security benefits, the individual can apply for Australian citizenship by meeting the specified residency criteria stated by the government. People having this visa can sponsor their relatives as well.

Talking about the Subclass 190 which is skilled nominated, these are the candidate who is in demand in specific states as per the requirements. The nomination depends on the marks that they score for meeting the minimum requirement of points which is 60. Generally higher scores are prone to get nomination form the state where occupation is in demand.

Even for this subclass there are benefits tied such as family members can stay and live permanently in the state get further education, acquire health care benefits, file petition for citizenship. All of this can be done in the state from where the individual has received a nomination.
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