When you become a PR of Canada, it is immensely pleasing to feel & experience the cultural diversity, democratic values, and career opportunities and much more. Being a permanent resident of Canada you can live study or work anywhere in Canada. Receive social benefits like health which is vital. One can apply for Canadian citizenship after becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Permanent residents (PR) can fetch protection under the Canadian Character Of Rights and Freedoms as well as under its law.

Some of the changes that are expected to take effect later this fall will give more flexibility to both younger and older eligible immigrants to become PR and obtain citizenship, These changes include reducing the time permanent residents must be physically present in Canada to three out of five years, instead of four out of six years, before applying for citizenship; amending the age range for people to meet the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship from 14-64 years to 18-54 years; and counting some of the time applicants spend in Canada as temporary residents or protected persons toward their physical presence requirements for citizenship.

“Canada’s identity has always been shaped by the significant economic, social and cultural contributions of immigrants. Changes to the Citizenship Act will enhance program integrity, while giving more flexibility to eligible applicants. It will be easy for the applicants to meet the requirements for citizenship so that they can continue building successful lives in Canada while the rest can pursue their dreams for same and determine to achieve them at the earliest”.

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