So even you are interested in moving to the world’s second largest country!  Here, we will discuss the nation, the possibilities it offers to the migrants for Canada Immigration Visa.

Canada is home to roughly 35 million people from over 200 ethnic origins. A fifth of Canada’s total number of populations are immigrants. English & French are the official languages. Canada is a federation of 10 provinces & 3 territories.

The nation rolls out red carpet welcome to more than 300,000 immigrants and refugees every year. You could be an entrepreneur, or a trained worker, or a student, or a refugee, but you will find the doors of the nation always wide open for you.

  • Canada is the first country in the world to adopt a policy of multiculturalism, embracing diversity and pluralism.
  • Canada has historically been built and influenced by immigrants. For several years now, Canada has been accepting about a quarter of a million new Permanent Residents each year.


In Canada there are four categories of immigrants: family class (closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada), economic immigrants (skilled workers and business people), other (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons) and refugees (people who are escaping persecution, torture or cruel and unusual punishment).

Using a point system, an applicant is assessed under the federal skilled worker class according to various factors that will indicate whether there is a strong likelihood that the applicant and dependents will successfully establish in Canada. 

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