Apex Visas, India’s leading immigration consultants welcomed 2017 with a series of good news for its clients.The team has been riding high on the success of the number of invitations released post the recent updates in the Express Entry System by the ICCRC in November 2016. December 2016 also saw a flurry of activities in the Australian process with a steady increase in the number of positive skill assessment reports received and the number of Invitations released.

Apex Visas has been steadily working on updating itself technologically to provide all round solutions to its clients.The organisation since its inception has kept regularly introducing new products and new software solutions to ease the process for the clients. The team recently updated its website on the New Years’ eve to ensure it fits the usability guidelines and makes the process of searching for relevant information easy for the clients. The content for the website is updated periodically providing clients relevant and recent changes in the immigration rules.

Apex Visas also maintains a blog where in regular updates give interested clients an in-depth insight about the opportunities abroad & about immigration rule changes. The blog shares profile related information with clients so that they are aware of the stages of the application process and also are knowledgeable about the different stake holders involved in the entire process.

The organisation has also been internally developing and testing a Customer Relationship Management system which eases the process of communication between the client and the case officer also makes it easy for the different departments involved to keep track of the process and also ensure immediate solutions in case of an escalation.

Apex Visas targets to launch a mobile application for its clients to help them keep track of the process and application status, the app would also allow clients to raise queries and revert on the ones raised by the Case Processing team.

The Directors believe, that tools will make the process of keeping the clients updated easier but it is the knowledge and the personal guidance provided by its Immigration Consultants and its Case Managers which is endears the organisation to the clients. Hence though they may introduce new technology based solution nothing is going to change the time tested mantra of the organisation ‘Transparent Services & Knowledgeable Solutions’.