The Express Entry program has been the only gateway for people looking to settle and pursue a career in the great white – Canada under a permanent resident status which gives them multiple benefits like,

  1. A comprehensive health care program
  2. Opportunity to live, work and study in Canada
  3. Apply for citizenship of Canada post continuous stay for 2 years & etc.

Since its start in January 2015, the program has seen an issue of 55,000 Invitations to Apply (ITA) for applicants. A recent study revealed that the majority of the invitations received were by Cooks and Food Service Managers who were already in Canada. And a majority of people of received invitations had a low core CRS score i.e. the points secured by the client without the points allocated for job offer or PNP.

The Express Entry System has seen a gradual change in the last few months in,

  1. The number of ITA’s released per draw (please refer image below)


2. The Express Entry program saw a major change on 19th November’16 – the system for securing immigration to Canada was revamped by the ICCRC, one of the major change was that the points for a job offer or LMIA have been reduced to 50 points for NOC levels O, A & B and 200 points for 00 profiles as opposed to 600 points earlier,

3. Upon receipt of Invitation to Apply – an applicant can submit the relevant documents with 90 days rather than 60 days.

4. Awarding of CRS points to former international students in Canada – 15 points for one year or two year post-secondary programme & 30 points three year post-secondary programme

The IRCC expects that the recent changes will allow applicants with high core CRS scores to immigrate to Canada as opposed to the scenario seen earlier and increase the number of invitations being released with a significant drop in the points. As a result candidates without a job offer will be profitable.

Another important aspect to look forward to in the Express Entry Program is the PNP – which aims to release 51,000 ITAs in 2017. In 2016, 57% of applicants who received Invitation to Apply through PNPs were candidates will less than 450 CRS score.

Canada Express Entry – Road Map for 2017

Apex Visas, India’s leading immigration consultant has been assisting applicants to successfully immigrate to Canada and suggests –

  1. For applicants who are already in the Pool,
  • Re-appear for IELTS (if needed)
  • Keep track of Provincial Nominee Program to fast track the application process – Apex Visas suggests talking to immigration experts to ensure clear and precise information

2. For applicants considering to start the process,

  • Don’t think start your process now – Apex Visas advises candidates looking for immigration to Canada to start the process without any further delay.

Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to pursue Canadian permanent residence to fulfil all aspirations and dreams. Though the process is simple, it is advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly. Get in touch with Apex Visas trained consultants on 8055 80 4150/ 1800 102 4150 for a free evaluation or log on to