A V Immigration & Careers Consultancy Pvt Ltd better known as Apex Visas has been on a constant path of success since its inception. The organisation provides transparent and expert services for people looking to immigrate to other countries for work, study or business. Apex Visas has onsite offices in Australia, Canada and New Zealand which regularly assist clients who have managed to secure a visa to successfully settle in the country of their dreams al

This year as Apex Visas turns yet another year older the organisation the team celebrated the occasion with much enthusiasm but the spirit was mired by the recent terrorist attacks in Uri and Baramulla. The function was started with a moment of prayer for the souls of the brave martyrs.

Teams from across visited the headquarters in Pune for the event which was primarily marked with the commitment of the organisation to promote various social issues like women empowerment, children education and etc.

The team of Apex Visas has been working for empowerment of women and the organisation boasts that 70% of its workforce is made of women who dedicated, smart and successful. Apex Visas has acted as a catalyst for helping unleash their true potential with some training and a chance.

Education for all is one of the major areas Apex Visas has been working upon where in the team not only has an in-house team of volunteers who teach children in the nearby slums. The organisation also provides regular financial support to children who want to pursue higher education.

The organisation has been also involved in various other issues like the Apex Green Drive – which has been followed by the organisation to increase its the green footprints where in the team of Apex Visas plants a sapling in the names of the clients who have secured a visa.

The Directors of Apex Visas promised the team that they would keep contributing to social causes and do their part to ensure that the world is a better place.

Apex Visas now a premiere name in the industry guarantees hassle free visa processing and to provide quality driven services to clients interested to migrate, travel or visit anywhere in the world.

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