The Canadian government and the immigration department launched the Express Entry system in 2015 to fast track the process of accepting applications of skilled migrants looking to immigrate to Canada. The system along with the already existing point based score for eligibility introduced a new point system to ensure that the applications being selected is on the basis of best application first rather than first come first serve basis.

The Comprehensive Ranking System popularly known as CRS is a point system which assess prospective applicants looking for Permanent Resident status for Canada on the basic of Age, Education, Experience (inside and outside Canada) and Language Ability etc. The total points allocated is 600 and applicants securing higher point score receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

The recent draw which happened on September 7th 2016 saw applicants with a point score of 491 getting ITAs and a substantial increase in the numbers of ITAs issued. This a welcome change where in not only the points for the draw have seen a drop of 49 points but an increase in the number of invites.

The time is apt for new applicants to start the process and while applicants who are already in the pool should also bank on this opportune moment to secure an ITA.

The only way to improve your chances is by increasing the CRS points and the best way to do so is by improving your scores in IELTS.  In case if you are married, applicants should aim to it also ensuring that you claim points for your spouse/ common law partner – the points can be claimed for education as well as language ability.

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