express-entry-canada.jpgCanada Express Entry can easily be considered as the most sought after immigration programs by applicants looking to immigrate to a new country on Permanent Resident Status. The process for the same is complex and Apex Visas advises clients to first go for an evaluation to ensure that the profile they are applying under based on their skills and experience is not only relevant but also accepted under the National Occupation Code (NOC).

At Apex Visas the evaluation is carried out by a team of Immigration Lawyers & Recruitment Experts who evaluate the profile to assess if the applicant is eligible to apply for immigration to Canada as per the point system being floated by the Canadian government. Upon receipt of a positive report we advise applicants to initiate the process.

Since the start of the Express Entry System we have seen many interested applicants initiating the process and then hitting a roadblock post completion of Education Credential Assessment (ECA) – reason for the same being starting the process without proper study and guidance.

Apex Visas has been successfully assisting clients in securing a visa for Canada under the Express Entry System and the basic advice that the team of the immigration experts share is ‘be proactive’. Once the Expression of Interest (EOI) has been filed and the Job Bank account is created the application enters a pool from where the applications with the best CRS scores get selected. Off late it has been seen applications with a score of 450 and above get selected.

The solution for the same is simple – as our experts advise ‘be proactive’ listen to the suggestions of the team and work in tandem with the team to improve the score. A higher score automatically refers to an increase in chances of securing a Permanent Resident visa.

Apex Visas recommends interested applicants to pursue Canadian permanent residence to fulfil all aspirations and dreams. Though the process is simple, it is advised to seek guidance from trained professionals who have experience in understanding the rules of immigration process and can guide perspective applicants correctly.

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