Working in another country, besides yours, is any individual’s dream, where more job opportunities and better lifestyle contribute towards enhancing a personality. Other countries are always a huge opportunity for India and its citizens as the latter has a huge man base but not appropriate jobs as per the calibre of individuals. Reservations and recommendation/reference by others also result in the imbalance of employment and employees.

Hence, people start to shift abroad, where job opportunities, lifestyle and judiciary system, everything is far better than their own Nation. One of those charismatic countries is New Zealand, which is a perfect place to earn one’s bread and live the whole life peacefully, and minimum crime rate with least exposure to natural disasters add some cherries on the top.

Pune-based immigration expert, Apex Visas is making the process simple for those, who are interested in applying under skilled migrants’ category.

People with demanded skills, qualifications and experience in New Zealand needs, are eligible to apply for skilled migrants’ visa, under certain conditions, which include sending an expression of interest to Immigration Department of New Zealand, first and foremost step. This process will lead towards acquiring the Permanent Resident Visa, which will also make your travel across the borders of New Zealand, a smooth process after a while; an unrestricted travel!

There are certain steps to be followed by the permanent residency visa applicant, which include:

  • having a resident visa or have held resident visa in previous 3 months (before applying for the permanent residency)
  • holding on to that resident visa for two continuous years
  • meet the requirement of relevant characters

Besides these requirements, the applicant need to fulfil the following requirements cum commitment to the New Zealand criteria:

  • Requisite time spent in New Zealand
  • Must have tax residence status
  • An investment in New Zealand is a must
  • Or have a business set-up in New Zealand
  • have an established base in New Zealand

Apex visas has helped out a number of aspirants to get settled in New Zealand with proper legal and documented work. Who knows, if next one KIWI in line is you?