The Canadian government adopted the new Express Entry System in early 2015 with an idea to come up with faster processing of the applications than the previously prevalent FSW programme. The express entry introduced Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) above the basic eligibility criterion of 67 points. The process was new and was slow which has been irking applicants; CIC in a recent statement has shared statistics to ease the minds of the applicants,

  • In the first 11 draws from the pool, 85.5% of invited candidates were residents of Canada.
  • Over the following 12 draws, however, this figure dropped to 61%, meaning that 39% of invited candidates over that period were residing outside Canada.

As more draws occurred, a wider spread of countries of residence for invited candidates became apparent. This information is as per the year-end report; earlier draws from the pool selected a large number of candidates under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) another reason was that the candidates were foreign workers with Labour Market Impact Assessment-backed job offers who wished to immigrate to Canada permanently. Hence in the initial draws candidates residing inside Canada were selected. This trend has seen a slow but visible decrease as there is a steady growth of invitations for candidates not based in Canada and CIC also states that the future rounds will see a gradual increase of candidates residing outside Canada through 2016.

Another major reason for the slow processing of applications was due to the processing of the applications submitted before 2015 and was still in processing.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says Canada plans to accept between 280,000 and 305,000 – with a target of 300,000 – new permanent residents this year, an increase from the updated target of 279,200 for 2015.2016 will see a positive change in the number of invitations received and is the best time for skilled migrants harbouring a dream to migrate to Canada.

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