Australian-Permanent-ResidencyThe aspiration to live in one of the world’s most prosperous countries, Australia resides in the hearts of many. The people who believe that they can inch closer to their dreams if they settle in a foreign country, Australia is one such country which should be preferred by them.  It is the sixth largest continent of the world that boasts of pulsating economy, culturally diverse society, excellent education, healthcare facilities, premium standard of living, political stability and high quality of life.  Having a Permanent Residency represents your given right to work and live in a particular country. Australia is a lucrative option for business development and growth having enormous natural resources and the economy developing at a large scale. Apex Visas, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights that the country has a successful and reliable immigration policy and well laid out immigration programs.

The Permanent Residency to Australia allows a person from any part of the world to work and settle in Australia permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges provided to the citizens of the country. The person with such status is known as the Permanent Resident (PR). The country offers numerous advantages to the people who immigrate and live there.

Apex Visas highlights the visa status for permanent residency in Australia. In order to apply for a permanent residency, the person should have lived for a period of at least two years in a particular area and worked (includes being self-employed) or attained sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.