denmark-07Did you ever dream to live in a peaceful place where everybody is happy with small things in life? What if we tell you that place exists and you can also visit the same, News Flash: without Visa? Don’t be surprised because that Scandinavian sovereign state lies in Northern Europe, with the name Denmark.
Apex Visas Pune thought to pay special tribute to the country which has the least crime rate across the globe by spreading mindfulness among those who wish to travel abroad for a vacation or further studies.
And you read each line correctly. To visit Denmark, you might not even need a visa, if going for less than 90 days’ stay. You need to apply for a visa if visiting Denmark for more than 90 days.
The capital of the Nation will leave you spellbound with 2 km long artificial island Amager Strandpark, Tivoli Gardens which turns into a fairytale-like world at night and not to forget Walt Disney’s timely visits to the place. The soul-warming climate of the region is something you always ask for, where you can also witness the colourful sight of Nyhavn (New Harbor) which has been depicted on numerous postcards in the city.
If you go to Denmark, language is no barrier as the majority of people prefer English over Danish, which is the official language.
If you are thinking to move to Denmark or spend your leisure over there, Apex Visas can help you with immigration process and make your stay more comfortable.