With the launch of Express Entry Program in January 2015, Canada has become the land of opportunities. This program is designed to facilitate the response to an immigration application at the earliest; hence the name Express Entry. The interested candidates, once they have filled the application form and have met the basic eligibility criteria, are put together in a pool called Express Entry Pool. This allows them to be selected straight out of the pool by a province or an employer. This allows them to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Apex Visas - Canada Express Entry

What? Did it seem like a gust of wind? Fleeting? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it might sound like that but it’s definitely a reality now, all thanks to the Express Entry System. But…Oh yeah there’s always a ‘but’. However, with Apex Visas’ expert guidance, this hurdle would be a piece of cake for you.

The only obstruction between you and that Permanent Residency is the probability of getting selected out of the pool of hundreds of interested candidate. To facilitate this, Canadian government employs a point system to assess a candidature. This assessment is what can make or break your dream of making it to Canada as a permanent resident. Now this is where our prowess is unparalleled. We have the required know-how involved in such assessment and we will direct you towards just the right path.

The assessment is devised on various parameters- 67 points to qualify, 1200 for Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS),  600 on getting a job offer and 600 on the candidate’s age, educational qualification, experience, IELTS score, spouse score  and a few more domains. We at Apex Visas are thoroughly familiar with the nuances of this assessment system and hence will be the perfect guide for you.